2nd Marisol mouse finished

See link below for picture.

Your mousies are cute! I really enjoyed looking at all your project pictures. The illusion dishcloth is amazing. The three color bag is great. They’re all wonderful, those two really grabbed me.

Thank you very much. Makes knitting much more enjoyable when l get comments like that. :muah:

It does, doesn’t it? I didn’t make nice comments to make you feel good, that’s just a side effect of my stating my own opinion. :slight_smile: It took no real effort to say something nice. It makes me feel good too. Happy :knitting: !

Good to see the two mice together and looking good. It’s true, all the projects are lovely. You do very nice work.

so, here’s the one I did. I made the body a bit bigger, didn’t add legs, but used beads for the eyes and waxed thread for the whiskers.

and a ribbon from a Lindt chocolate easter bunny. :smiley:

this is FUN! next up, think I’ll do it as a field mouse. they have the same sort of colouring as a brown squirrel. brownish/grey with a white tummy. very cute.

ok, that’s maybe not the best photo. butyou get the idea.

HOLY SMOKES, TD!!! you are one busy lady!!!

VERY nice.

Aww those are adorable!

my mouse has a new home. some guy bought it at a horse show yesterday!
guess I’ll do another one. :slight_smile: