2nd knitting project completed

Thank you. Every year I try to learn something new. In the 20+yrs I crocheted I always made a point to learn new techniques or learn a new type item. When I had learn most of the techniques for afghans( which were a specialty) I moved onto some baby clothes. Then doll stuff and key chains etc.

This year it’s knitting. This sweater was fun. I enjoyed the lessons learned. I did use google for some photo illustrations. I learn better from written and photos than videos. Just my learning curve I guess😊.

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I am the same way i like to learn new things. I am currently working on numerous projects at the same time. I want to tackle working with beads next

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I want to share what you have inspired me to do :grinning:

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That is looking fantastic. Love the color.

Thank you, I was wondering if you can help me out.

Put the 17sts for the left front back onto needles, join yarn, cast on 4sts (for armhole border)

How and where do I join the yarn?

Thank you

Put you stitches on the needle with the point of the needle facing center of sweater Not towards the outer edge. Then join your yarn . then add stitches.you would knit the 1st with new yarn and then (i did a cable cast on) you can start the cast on stitches working new yarn so you don’t end up with more stitches. I went between the first 2 stitches and pulled new yarn through and onto needle(cable cast on)and kept going. If it needed to be in a different color it may not work but since the cardi is in 1 color it worked fine for me

Thank you so much, I’m excited to be able to finish this today :grinning:

Did you join the yarn through the first St that I took off the stitch holder?

Never mind I have figured it out. I was way over thinking it lol

No problem. I do that too. More often than I care to discuss.

I made a mistake and on the left side I must of knitted a row on the right front WS and didn’t realize it till I did the right front and ended up with a garter shoulder :rage:. I’m glad that I left a long tail after I bound off. I am frustrated with it because it’s not going to look nice like the other side. Oh well I will have learned a lesson and will have to make another one when I have finished this one lol

Is there anyway you could frog out a small portion in order to fix the problem?

I did and it looks ok but I now see where I guess I messed up after I put the sts back on the st needle off of the holder and there is a really ugly line and it’s just not looking right all over, the FRS is supposed to overlap the LF, the shoulders should have more SS but the pattern says to stop when you have 12sts on the needle and then bind off. I used #8 needles last the pattern suggested. Not sure what I did wrong. After you put your stitches back on the needle and joined the yarn did you join with the first stich on the needle and then cast on?

Here is a picture of it (so embarrassed and frustrated)

FR panel

LF panel

Messed up when I put the sts back on the needle

Did you use circular or straight needles. I used circular

I think it looks quite nice. Some baby is going to look adorable in this little shrug.
The first time through, it’s worth following the pattern but now you know that if you want to add more sts or make other modifications, you can.
The line is probably due to twisted sts. You can correct them as you come to them by switching the way the sit on the left needle or by knitting into the back loop.
I’ve used this little shrug pattern which is top-down.

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Yes I must of twisted the sts. Can you look at the pattern I posted and explain to me how I am supposed to join the yarn after I put the stitches back on the needle?

I guess I don’t understand the pattern because I am going to have to stitch up under the sleeves. We’re they supposed to be knitted and closed up somehow?

You’ve got it right, the underarm 4sts have to be seamed. Just a stitch or two there with the yarn tail left from casting on the 4 arm border sts should do it.
You can join the yarn by just holding it in your left hand alongside the left hand needle. Once you’ve cast on the 4 sts you should be able to drop the yarn tail and continue knitting. When you finish you can use the tail to snug up any looseness or to seam the underarm and then weave in.
I think it looks darling!

Thank you for helping me.

Also I think on the front of the shoulders I’m going to have stop decreasing before the pattern says to. In the pattern it says to stop when I have 12 sts left on the needle but as you can see mine is more garter than ss in the middle and im not sure why. I’m going to make another one and see if I can keep from twisting my sts and play around with it and see what happens lol.

Thank you for sharing, I will try my hand at this pattern to :grinning: