2nd knitting project completed

I have learned so much while knitting this “small baby cardi” by theresa roberts. I learn k2together. Cable cast on( didn’t specify which method to use so I chose this for adding on stitches at beginning of row) I learn how to kfb( I used this method for increase). I learned yarn forward is the same as yarn over. I learned to pick up a stitch(fell off and i caught it with crochet hook put it back on and then knitted it)learn to frog a row and get stitches back on needle without twisting it.( I put stitches from holder on the wrong way LoL) I had a blast.

I am unsure whether to add a button and save it for a baby down the road or leave button off and put it on one of the granddaughters dolls. I most likly will add a button and save it for later. I made the newborn size with long sleeves.


AH! I think it is beautiful, love the color. You would not know that you had any issues while working on it.:slight_smile:

Fantastic little sweater and what a learning experience! I love it. What’s up next for you?

Thank you. I fully enjoyed making the sweater. I will be attempting a baby blanket using 2 strands of worsted yarn on 13" circular needles. I have read through the pattern and I know all the stitches. All I will need to be cautious of is counting knit and purl stitches. I will place markers if need to. I have tons. I am pretty sure I can keep track of 8 stitches per set of stitches :blush:.

Off to get ready for my project. Want to get things out. Read over pattern once more before starting and to get my notebook ready to keep track of rows. I do have a row counter but I like to make lines. I seem to forget to turn the knob on my row counter. :pensive:

I thought I was the only one who had a problem remembering to turn the knob on my counter. therefore I too also you a notebook to keep track of lines and pattern changes. That’s what happens when you get up in the years, I find my self many a time counting stitches on my needle to make sure that I have the pattern correctly. I have thought about using markers on pattern repeats so I don’t get confused. Do you have that problem as well??

Such a darling little sweater. It’s so sweet! You did great!

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Trisha, I found (when I first started crocheting) a notebook helped me keep track of stitches, tips, rows, etc so I didn’t have to back track or look through multiple books for techniques. I just carried it through the past 26 years. I find it works well in my knitting. The way my brain is wired it makes it so much easier.

When I first started crocheting my boy was not quite 2 yrs. He grabbed my row counter and… well I had to recount everything. So I used paper and he never touched it. Of course I only crocheted while he slept. I learned the hard way .

I also love reading pattern books. I read them like books and I just get it. I however can not graph a pattern though. I can read them and work from them.

Nice to know i’m not alone.

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To keep track of lines, I came across this great idea on pinterest. Take a piece of cardboard, and take out a piece across the sheet the width of your pattern line. On the back, glue a piece across the slit, to hold your pattern sheet. I have been using this idea, and I love it. I hope that you understand the way that I wrote the instructions to make it. Maybe you could find the visual on pinterest. Good luck.

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I will have to try that. Thanks! :smiley_cat:

You did an amazing job! It’s always so gratifying to accomplish a pattern and be able to look back and see what yo have been able to learn along the way :grinning:

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That is a great tip

Yes it is :blush:

I found this pattern that I wanted to share with you. I thought you might like to try your hand at this pattern that was inspired by the small baby cardi -




How do you divide the front from the back? I can’t seem to find a video on this.

Thank you or sharing that cardi. For the 1 did. I just did what he directions said and put the stitches on markers. Then I went back to them when the pattern said to. Once you work the stitches for front it all comes together. Just make sure that on the front ( working with stitches on marker) you add the 24 stitches towards the center side not the outer edge side.

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How beautiful! That would be appropriate for a baby girl.

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Thanks! That is a really nice pattern and looks like it would knit up pretty quickly

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Very impressive. I mean it, not saying it to be nice. This is lovely. Surprising as you appear to be a new knitter, I mean the “learning kfb” and so on, well it’s lovely. You’ve done much better than I had done when I started, by far.


Thank you