2nd knitting class

Just got back from my second knitting class. We learned the decrease, increase and cable knitting. It was ok but the teacher really sucked! She just wasn’t a good teacher. She was nice but she couldn’t teach people. I learned what I needed to but I won’t go back. Now I think I can start on a sweater. Fingers crossed :slight_smile:


If you can knit, purl, increase and decrease - you can do anything in knitting. :woohoo:

Honest! Everything else is just worked off of the knit and the purl. And the teacher introduced you to cables on your second lesson??? Geez, you must be in information overload!

And you certainly can handle most projects!

There are plenty of great folks here that can help you through whatever you need.

Don’t be afraid! I’d suggest starting with basics then get fancy. Cabled sweaters are not exactly my first choice for beginners - just a stockingette cardigan would be my strong choice. (Of course, make it in your very most favorite color, and use the softest, nicest yarn you can find.)

Hope this helps,

PS - Good for you for learning to knit! It’s one of the most relaxing crafts around, imho.

Oh yeah - over load for sure!! That’s why I didn’t completely enjoy this class. WAY too much information at once. It wasn’t very relaxing. I like to take the classes in our area because it gets me out of the house around other people. I’ve been a homemaker for almost a year now and crave getting out.
I have a “simple” pull over sweater pattern that I want to try making. NO cables or anything.
First I have to finish my first scarf. I’m almost done with it. It has two colors in it (Harry Potter type) and it’s coming along nicely. I’ve really enjoyed adding the different color changes.

Congrats on embarking on knitting and “getting out of the house.” I really look forward to my knitting nights and classes. I have a new LYS and the owner is AWESOME she has a plan to teach something every knitnight if people are interested.
I took a sock class and while the teacher stunk, I had knit socks before and took the class to pick up some tips and trips.

Maybe you can find a group in your area that meets to knit - I know in my area the church hosts a group to make prayer shawls, the LYS has a tea and knitting in the afternoon once a week and a knit night once a week.

Best of Luck