2nd dyeings

i tried my hand at dyeing wool again today with more mixed results.

i didn’t have colors of koolaid left that i wanted to use so i had to use food coloring, which i now prefer. (easier to make the colors i want)

i forgot i used almost all of the vinegar yesterday so i substituted with rice wine vinegar which was not very good to use i now know.

when i went to rinse it out after setting it, it washed away, leaving a slight tint. except for this one that was microwaved for about 6 minutes. it was alot brighter before the rinse.

i also tried for the first time using pots on the stove to dye.
i pretty much boiled half of the yarn in one color, and the other half in another. which gave me a much better result using the rice wine.

note in the picture a burn mark from the flame when i had one of the halves soaking in the other pot. i will be sure not to do that again!

these 2 were the “failed” colors which i overdyed in the leftover teal and brown.

thaaanks so much for looking through this very long post! :hug:

Those last two don’t look failed to me… they look like they fit right in with the KnitPicks Knit Plenty Fall colors. :wink:

See, all I see is yarny goodness. Looks great to me!

pretty colors again! too bad about the burn spot (poor yarn :pout: )
the rainbowish one is my favorite! so cheerful

thanks! and i didn’t mean that those last 2 colors were failed, but the colors that i dyed over that turned into those.

i actually really enjoy them!