2nd Birthday Hoodie

This is a hoodie I knit for my nephew Mason for his 2nd birthday. It was a HIT! :cheering: He loved it so much that he grabbed it and ran around the room to show it off to his cousins and brother before my sister could settle him down to finish opening presents. Took about 5 minutes!

I can’t say I could be more pleased. :slight_smile: I had several people compliment me on it at the party and all three of my sisters said I could probably make good money off my work. My head is a little puffed up now :inlove: :x:

P.S. You like my monkey model? :smiley:

very nice! cute model :wink:

Looks great, very nice job :thumbsup:

:happydance: Great job!!

That is so cute! I’m glad he liked it!

very cute. that’s so sweet he liked it so much.

Nice color. Love it!