2nd baby pink bonnet

When I finished the the sweater and bonnet, I thought the bonnet looked proportionately too small.
I was right. The sweater and booties fit the baby perfectly, but not the bonnet.
Luckily I had enough yarn for a 2nd one.
Now the whole set fits her and we currently have perfect weather for it.

The crown of the 2nd bonnet is by Erika Knight. I found a couple inaccuracies in the pattern.
I use the picture to figure out how the sample was knit.

A hedgehog hand puppet makes a good hat prop.

Size comparison:

I just adore this pattern! Great work, Lana!!!

this is super cute!
Is that pattern available online somewhere? I would really like to have it!
The next baby is on the way (this time not family but a good friend of mine) and I would like to contribute some.

what an adorable bonnet! love the way the back part makes a kind of starry design. the yarn is interesting too, with the bits of blue–linknit41

Oh so adorable! Can you post a link for the pattern? The yarn looks like it is super soft too. What did you use?

The crown motif is from an Erika Knights book which I borrowed from my public library.
The rest is my own variance, as I used thinner yarn and needles.

Please note: I found a couple inaccuracies in the pattern, at least not consistent with my knitting vocabulary.

The yarn is Wendy Peter Pan DK, nylon/acrylic blend, and I think it’s a wonderful, soft yarn for a baby.

Beautiful work!

Both are beautiful!! What a sweet pattern!