2nd attempt

Hi all! I’ve received a ton of help on here for my first project, which came out ok. I thought I’d share my second project: a beanie and scarf set for my roommate.

I still need to tighten the edge, cause it fits loose on me and I’m huge =p

And the edge flipped up

Nice hat! You did a good job on it!

Good job on your first attempt! :thumbsup: I love the colors and the different textures of it.

Neat! I like it!

After looking at it, I think I should have only gone with one pattern row instead of two… But, too late now :teehee:

I think I’ll add a cream border at the bottom to decrease the size, and I’m waiting to see if she want earflaps or not…

Very nice hat :slight_smile:

Great job!!

:happydance: It looks great!

Great job. I like the two different textures.

Fun use of color and texture. I can see you are having a lot of fun with ideas. Keep up the good work.

Thanks! Ya, I have a couple pages full of designs in my sketchbook, mostly NES (original Nintendo) related as I’m a nerd. :rofl:

I’ve started on the scarf, I’m 7 rows in to a 288 row ordeal, and having never done flat knitting, I’m finding it to be a bit tricky… Actually, I was about to post pics of my problem but I think I figured it out! =p Anyways, since I’m using this boucle yarn I don’t really need to purl every other row, so it’s going really fast. :woohoo:

Great work! I really like this hat!!! :thumbsup:

Nice hat. XD

Alright, quick scarf question:
How do I get both sides to look nice? Is it that I’m just using a garter stitch instead of stockinette? This is probably a dumb question, but it’s the first thing I’ve knitted flat (I always do things backwards =p )

Hi Octo. Great work!

About the front and back of your knitting: Now, you’ve learned that when you make color changes, the back will always look worse than the front of the fabric. It’s just the nature of the beast when it comes to changing colors in knitting.

If you’re making a hat again, the back will be on the inside of the hat, so it shouldn’t be a problem. If you’re making a scarf, you might want to make TWO of them, then seam them together down the sides.

Or, you could knit the scarf on circular needles, making it a tube from top to bottom. The “wrong” side of the fabric would be in the center of the tube if you do that.

Good luck!

Ok, thanks. I kinda figured this would be the case, as I noticed it most at the color changes on the hats. I cast on 36 st just in case, so it’s pretty wide, I think I can just fold it over and stitch it. Then again, my roommate’s not picky at all, she may just want it the way it is. We’re having a bit of an early coldfront down here (50 is cold for most of us here in central Texas xD ) and she gets cold at 70. :roflhard:

looks great

Okeydoke… This is what I was “attempting” to knit. It’s a Swallow pattern similar to the ones my roommate has tattooed on her shoulderblades.

This is what I ended up with :roflhard:

As you can see, I have no idea what I’m doing, just kinda winging it, as usual… I’ll need to go back and duplicate stitch over parts to give it a more clear definition, but I think it will turn out alright. The only problem is that I didn’t leave enough slack in some places, so now it kind of curls in on itself. Oh well, ces’t la vie.