29" vs 36"

I am going to start a new project. The pattern knitty.com hush hush calls for size 2 and 3 on 36" circ. I have 2 and 3 on 29". Should I splurge and get the longer circs or should I be ok. At cast on I will have 360 stitches and at some point going down to 320. I am not sure I would ever need more then 1 of these sizes this long.

If I was going to get new ones I would get the addi turbo bamboo one, as I love bamboo, my currently owned ones are Susan Bates metal. I know the yarn will slide much faster on the metal ones, but most of the pattern is stockinette and I dont think it will be much of an issue.

Maybe I am answered my own question and just need some validation that the ones I have will be ok.


You can probably manage with the 29" ones. At least start on them and see how it goes.

If the gauge is small, you should be OK. Giant huge enormous bulky, maybe that would be annoying, but anything else should work. Unless, of course, you really WANT those sweet bamboo needles, in which case no way will what you have serve the purpose and you probably need to order special delivery and all :smiley:

LOL Becky your not helping. I think I will try it on the 29ers. If I find it too slippery then I will make a LYS run. Or somehow I may feel the car turning towards the LYS anyways tomorrow after work.

Oh well its only money…hehe or more yarn…oh wait…


remember your gauge will be different if you switch to bamboo from metal.

I have frogged a project as I switched needles half way through.

It may or may not change with switching to a different material needle. Mine doesn’t.

Mine either. Because I wanted to try the Harmonies, I bought some when I needed two circs, so I’ve done a few projects with one Harmony wood and one nickel Option, and had know problems at all with the sides not matching.

Might be a little different with a slick metal and a sticky bamboo…I tend to deliberately knit looser on a bamboo just because I get irritated that the stitches won’t slide.