29" as long as a needle gets?

I’m thinking of making a blanket and would like to
know if it’s possible to get needles longer than
29"? Are most blankets pieces sewn together?


I think you can get them as long as 60 inches? Check out Knit Picks, they have a nice size range!

Yep, I have a 60" needle and it’s HUUUUUUGE. Think about it - 5 feet long! :shock: Personally I don’t know if you’d ever actually need a needle that long, I’ve only used it for magic loop knitting and the cord is just too much. You’d be surprised how many stitches you can fit on one mid-length circ.

Cool, thanks!

Darcy, you can also make longer length needles using most of the cir. needle kits like the needlemaster, by joining 2 or more of the cable sections together. This gives you a huge amount of flexibility on your cable lengths in multiple needle sizes. I love my cir. needle kits ( I own 3 so far ) so much that I’ve all but stopped using any other types of knitting needles. If you are interested in getting a set I’d try to find one on ebay before I’d pay full retail for one.

Thanks for the info. I"ve never even heard of the kits so I’m glad you
posted. I’m off to eBay to see if I can find any.