24 into 21 won't go!

Hi Ladies
Just joined and wondered if someone could help with a pattern problem.
Apologies for pictures but hope you can make them out.
Sweater has one central cable pattern Panel A(21sts) Panel B(24 sts) i’m knitting panel B for my size)
As you can see you have to increase cable stitches but my problem is the very first row how do I incorporate 24 sts into the the 1st foundation row of panel A(21 sts)
Probably as clear as mud but hope pictures help to explain


My pics of pattern seem to have gone awol.
Could somebody tell me how to post pics if I’m allowed?

Thanks Angela

You can post pictures, but they have to be the right size. Just click on the browse, find your picture and add attachment. There are guidelines about Allowed Extensions and Sizes.

If you are increasing on the first row, maybe you set your pattern row on the next row?

Thanks Ingrid
will try pics of pattern again