24" cables, traveling loop?

Ugh, what is the point of 24" cables if you can’t do anything with them!? I made my boyfriend’s hat on them just fine, because it had 100 stitches and they stretched enough to fit, but now I’m trying to make something with 50 stitches, and I figured I could do the traveling loop, but it doesn’t seem to be working! When I get to the middle, it starts stretching the stitches out horribly and I can barely pull the needle enough to work a stitch. So now I have to pull out my 32" cables and try and do magic loop on those.

So what do you use 24" cables for exactly? I figured if they came in the KnitPicks needle set, it’d be a size that people use frequently, but I have yet to find a use for them besides flat projects and large hats. Grr!

I make hats on the 24" with single loop, though I do increase after the edging and the sts fit around without looping. But I have to loop again after a couple decrease rounds, then go to ML. I also use them for sleeves and mitts fairly easily.

I’ve used then for sweaters.

I haven’t got the hang of the traveling loop yet, but they are good for smaller flat knitting and large hats. :wink:

I use 24 inch cables for flat things most of the time. I much prefer long cables for magic loop. I know Sue uses them for single loop, but I always feel it’s bending the cable join too much and like more loop. Depending on the project I use a 32-40 inch cable.

The 24" knit picks cables work pretty well, it depends what you’re making. A hat has enough sts the cord doesn’t bend all that much, though it’s harder with stiffer ones.