22 is way to young to die

So haven’t been on much this week. Got some horrible news on Monday. My husband is best friends with four brothers and the oldest of those boys son (Brian) passed away on Monday he was only 22 years old. He literaly dropped dead at work. His Aeorta(sp?) burst and they figure he was gone by the time he hit the floor. He was more than our friends son he was like a nephew to us. My husband was friends with these guys before the son was even born. Brian and his dad were like best friends rather than father and son and Bry’s Dad was so devastated when we saw him on Monday. I can’t even begin to imagine what he must be going through. I have lost my parents and all of my Grandparents and an aunt and 2 uncles mostly by the time I was 23 plus had a miss carriagebut I can not imagine losing a child at that age. Parents are not supposed to out live thier kids. Sorry I just needed to vent about this I am still in so much shock over Brian passing his funeral is tomorrow and I know it is going to be a long day. Also we normally spend christmas eve with this family as we are pretty much a part of the family too and it is going to be so hard this year.
:cry: :waah: :verysad:

Wow, that is rough, especially to be so unexpected. It makes one appreciate the fact that you have to value every single day.

A coworker of mine just lost her husband unexpectedly about three weeks ago. He died of a massive heart attack at the age of 54. No warning signs or anything. They were in the middle of putting up Christmas decorations and in the midst of going from one room to the next, he collapsed and died right in front of her. So very sad…

My heart goes out to all of you during this very difficult time. :hug:

:hug: I’m so sorry for your family’s loss…:hug:

I’m so sorry for their and your loss. I can’t even imagine how painful it is to lose a child. I’ll keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers.

There has been a “too young to die” now death in my community as well, the funeral was earlier this week.

Its rough. And yes, you do appreciate that you’ve got time to spend with your family.

But lots of questions and anger and just everything.

Prayers the funeral goes well. I imagine your presence will be a great blessing to the family.


Prayers coming your way and to the family.


Thanks guys it was a long day and Brians dad is doing so much better than he was on mon and Tues. This week he was going through a box of his stuff and found a note he had gotten from Brian thanking him for being such a great dad and he read it at the funeral. There were a lot of laughs and tears today but things will get better.


Awww MommoG I am so sorry and my heart is aching for you all. We buried my mum on Thursday and it was a very sad day…I think It seems even worse at this time of the year. My thoughts are with you xxx

We just aren’t supposed to outlive our children. Peace to your and Brian’s family!

I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. Weve has seeveral such losses in our small community this past year; teens and recent graduates. It’s terrible to lose someone so unexpectedly at such an early age. With thme, the sadness nad pain will fade, and the good memories will outshine te sadness of loss.


I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s always difficult to lose someone, but especially when it’s so unexpected. My father passed away in a similar manner about six years ago, so I know the feelings all too well.

I pray that God will surround all who knew him with arms of comfort.

My condolences.

My cousin died going on two years ago, the week he was to turn 30. He had a seizure (having never had one before) and just… died. They found him the next day.

It’s been tough, and his mom still cries… But we find alot of happy funny stories to tell about him.

It will be ok, it just takes time and love and patience. Yes, and tears… But it will be ok.

Wow, I’m so sorry…

I was telling Matt the other day that God really should take a break from calling people Home during the holidays. I always hate reading the paper around Christmas because there’s always a tragic death. This year it was a little girl who was killed on Christmas Day while riding her new bicycle. She ran right out in front of a truck.

It sounds like Brian was a wonderful kid and his dad will treasure that note forever. I pray that memories of Brian will comfort them at this time and help them heal.