22.5 degree scarf

A friend made one of these and I had to try it. Other than the scallops, it was a quick and fun knit! Here it is on Ravelry:

And here is mine (Cascade Heritage sock yarn):

It is very pretty and very nice color!:inlove:

That’s such a cute little scarf, and I agree with Nonny–great color.

BTW, I think I’d take to crochet for the scallops–much easier (at least for me) and you get a lot bang for such a little bit of work!

Oh, lovely! Perfect for air conditioning or the 22.5 degrees F. Great cheery colors too.

LOL, salmonmac - the 22.5 degrees is the angle of the scarf, not the temperature. :cool: But I like the way you think!!

Love it :cheering:

Thanks for sharing

Oh my! Very nice indeed!