2011 Knitting Resolutions - Follow Through!

It’s that time of year again! Time to make promises that you can actually keep.

Tell us your [B]knitting resolutions[/B] for this year! :slight_smile:

Maybe you want to learn a new stitch…
Or try a new pattern…
…use a different yarn.
…organize your stash of yarn.
…set up a craft room in your house.
…subscribe to a knitting magazine.
…buy a whole new set of knitting needles and supplies

As for me, I resolve to finish up all the projects I’ve still got on the needles. (A HUGE task!) :shock:

I might have to hire some pinch knitters. :teehee:
:x: :guyknitting: :knitting:

My plans are

  1. cable sampler scarf
  2. lace sampler scarf/stole
  3. master socks (failed first attempt and haven’t tried again)
    There is more I wanted to list but I can’t recall right now.

Major ones?

To finish the 2 afgahns/blankets I have on needles…
To knit an ovarian cancer survivor a scarf in the teal…

Minor ones? Hopefully to do a few christmas gifts earlier for next (this) year.

Wait…that’s what resolutions are? I thought they were things we promise, but have no intention of keeping even though we can. :lol::lol::lol:

I suppose I should finish up my projects on the needles, but… I really, really want to start something new!!

I want to finish this dang shawl and start something I haven’t tried before. I really want to make some toy for my kids but I have also been thinking of socks lately…so who knows a sock monkey maybe? :slight_smile:

Hi! :waving:

So many things I knit tend to just roll out the door as soon as they’re finished, blocked and wrapped. (Sometimes I don’t even get to wash them first, the recipient just clutches them and refuses to let go!):slight_smile:

As a result, I haven’t been taking photos or even making a list of the things I finish off. It would be nice, I think, to have that on hand so I can look back over the year and see my progress. And also it’d be nice to be able to share the pictures with other knitters!

So, for the new year, I’m doing a log of my finished projects and taking photos of all my finished work.

Also, I will FINALLY finish the book I’ve been working on forever involving how to design your own kitchen cotton knits! :clink: I just started one of the final projects for it tonight, so I’m on my way! :woohoo:

Hope all here have a wonderful new knitting year!

Ruthie :hug:

  1. Finish that dang sweater vest.
  2. Join a knitting group.
  3. Learn how to cable.
  4. Learn how to use two circular needles. (!??)
  5. Start an after-school knitting club in the fall, which of course will be called “COOL WOOL SCHOOL.” heh


  1. Finish the few projects I have on my needles (OU hat, hat/glove/scarf set, my girl’s UT hat)

  2. Of course to accomplish all that I have to learn to knit finger-gloves.

  3. I want to knit something for myself that is NOT a simple neck gaiter. I want to knit a sweater. Just for me. In colours I like and a style I like that is not just off the rack that everyone has.

  4. Knit a pair of socks for the hubster. He wants some good socks that don’t make his feet sweat but are super comfy. He’s found some he’s going to try through Under Armor, but if I can make some similar, I’d rather do that for him.

To explore new possibilities for patchwork knitting and applique as regards to knitting art… whether it be for the wall or for the sweater.
To not listen to that not so quiet voice that tells me I can’t possibly do it when, in the end, I can.

My New Year Resolutions are these

  1. Learn to knit socks
  2. Knit my D-I-L her shawl I promised for Christmas
  3. Knit something for me out of my ball of yarn called Daylily

Ok, I just saw that you’re making an OU hat. Are you from Oklahoma??? If so, I’m from the Tulsa part. I just moved here from GA almost 9 months ago to be with my gf, and have been wondering if there were any fellow OK knitters out here. Sorry to get off topic for the rest of you reading it, I just got super excited lol.
Ok, so my knitting resolutions is to finish the scarf that I’m working on. Next, I want to learn to make gloves. After that, I want to make a hat to match the scarf and the gloves. Then, I want to try to make a sweater. And last but not least, I want to learn to make socks. Oh, and I also want to take more time out of each day to work on my knitting. With so many projects that I’m wanting to try, goodness knows that I’ll need it lol. So, expect to see me in the how to section a lot asking questions as I will be learning a lot of new things lol.
:knitting: :knitting: :knitting: :knitting: :knitting:

[FONT=Century Gothic]That’s a very good question! This year, I want to:

  1. Learn how to increase beyond YO
  2. Learn how to decrease beyond K2Tog/P2Tog
  3. Learn to use DPN’s and circulars
  4. Learn intarsia

That’s true of all my OTHER resolutions! (losing weight, getting my house organized, etc.)

My favorite place to list my knitting and crochet projects is Ravelry! :heart:

I teach knitting lessons to kids, and love it! You’ll have a blast. Good luck!

Silver’s Sock Tutorial will help with that one.


Silver’s Sock Tutorial

Cool! :wink:

You’ll see illustrations and videos on all sorts of increases and decreases here on the KH website. Amy did a great job of putting them together on their own page! :slight_smile:

[FONT=Century Gothic][FONT=Verdana]

A great way to learn to use both is to make a hat in the round. You start off at the bottom of the hat on a 16 inch circular, then finish off the top on dpns when it gets too small to fit on the circular needles.
I think the hardest part of circular knitting is the very first row, where you join in the round. So, I made a video on YouTube just for that part:


[FONT=Century Gothic][/FONT]
[FONT=Century Gothic][FONT=Verdana]

Just pick a simple pattern with one design, like a star or a heart, and go for it!
Here’s a simple design for making a happy face with a name above it: Happy Faces

oooooooooooooooooooh I want to learn how to do insarsia too!!! Yet another thing to add to my “to learn” list!!! :roflhard:
I need to go ahead and write all of the knitting accomplishments that I want to get done!!

I want to resolve to:

  • knit something other than scarves and socks, afghans and hats…maybe a sweater? gadzooks, no courage for this, would need a class, or a …what are those people called who coach you? …oh yes, a “coach”, hehe.
  • get up some courage to buy a few things from KnittingDaily site (Interweave mag.)
    The last time I tried, there was a silly coincidence of my credit card being hacked the very same day I had placed an order with them. and someone bought themselves a computer and a plane ticket, using my number (not my card, it wasn’t stolen). I had accidentally left my purse in a donut shop for a few hours - got it back intact, but someone had cleverly copied my name and numbers, then went online and made some purchases.
    So at first I thought the theft was because of my online purchase of Interweave mag and a book…so I haven’t been back there to complete my order (which was cancelled cuz my cc had to be changed). But I sure would like to! - they have the nicest patterns, and teaching videos I’ve ever seen anywhere!

Anyone else afraid to order from Interweave? maybe I could telephone my order in…

Thank you so much for posting the video on how to join in the round - it’s always been a tough one for me. Much appreciated!

Let’s see…

  1. Learn to knit with circular needles.
  2. Learn to knit with DPN’s.
  3. Knit some socks and mittens.
    I first want to get a good grasp of “knitting in the round” and that I think, is going to open up a whole new world of knitting to me. I’ve been knitting for decades and still remain intimidated by circular needles and DPN’s. I can’t explain why!! Well since my precious son bought me a computer, (which I’m slowly getting the hang of:wall:), and I found KH:muah:, I feel I now have so many wonderful members/friends here that will help me when I stumble. Oh, I think there will be some major stumbling going on.

Trust me, I know exactly what you mean about dpns and circulars being scary. When I first tried dpns, I thought that I would drop the stitches or something. And all those needles…very intimidating!! But, I started knitting, and didn’t drop one stitch! So my best advice to you, is just go for it! You’ll be glad that you did!! :slight_smile:

Finish everything I start…no matter how frustraiting…

I’ve knit a few sweaters, but still want to make a cozy one to wear around the house, to keep me warm. Up until now, I was worried about the LOOK of them, instead of the comfort. I think I’ll try making one with Bernat Denimstyle on the Bernat Blog. That yarn looks nice and cozy.

cloud9 You’re welcome! I love helping people. :heart:

Go for it! :thumbsup:

ME TOO! Crossed Fingers