2010 LYS TOUR for my area!

Well, it’s finally over! Our Puget Sound LYS Tour had 25 participating shops this year, and my car group covered all 25 is less than the 4 days allowed! We did them all in 3 days! Oy! I was not the driver, thank heavens. Our driver had a GPS unit, and that little gadget is worth it’s weight in diamonds!!!

I now understand why some people call things like this a [I][B]YARN CRAWL.[/B][/I]
Because that’s what you’re doing by the end of each day, and certainly by the end of the last day!

I’ve never been so pooped.

I spent a lot of money, but am happy with every dollar’s worth. I found 2 shops that I will frequent again and again, and that’s saying a lot for a gal that usually prefers .com shopping!

My top ranking shop was a ferry ride away, on Bainbridge Island. :happydance: [COLOR=DarkGreen][B][COLOR=Black]Churchmouse Yarns & Teas![/COLOR] [/B][/COLOR]And, IMO, they presented [B]THE BEST free pattern[/B] of all. The “Two-Way Ruffled Scarf”! Can be worn alone, or doubled with it’s sister scarf, one inside the other! Rowan Kidsilk Haze, one ball per scarf. It’s awesome! A free handout for LYS participants, one from each shop!

There was one shop on the LYS Tour that was the foulest, rankest, moldiest shop I’ve ever stepped foot in. I was rather shocked, no, I take that back: I was very shocked. However, the shop owner and staff were pleasant people. Our car group gave her shop a good combing over, and a couple of them made purchases. I didn’t. I had a headache from the sight and smell of the shop. Her free pattern was fabulous, her own design. I would have purchased the yarn for it, but she was out.

Here is my all time favorite top ranking shop! Ranking first because of yarn and accessories selection; lighting; layout; customer service; generous space; and overall ambiance! It smelled good in here!

And here is the shop that gets my ARTISTIC AWARD, for their window!
(the quote is wonderful! that’s why I give it 5 stars for Artistic!)
Can you see me in the reflection? Couldn’t be helped! Their window was clean!

ok that scarf(s) are awesome…and the “favorite” shop looks soo adorable…i still havent gotten up the guts to go into any of the shops in my area…

Ooooh - what FUN!! That #1 shop looks awesome - such a pretty setting :inlove: I’d love to win the lottery and go on a “Yarn Trail” (kinda like a Wine Trail…or for that matter - combine the two - a yarn AND wine trail - Heaven!)

25 shops in 3 days! Wow! Can’t imagine! (Can’t imagine what you’d have to spend to “do it right,” either! ;))

Love the quote on the window. Very cute.

One of these days I’m going to have time and money to participate in some of these fun events!

(BTW, I’m sorry to hear about that one shop…I saw on Ravelry that a nearby LYS is going out of business. I’ve heard negative stories about it for years, although my one experience there was okay–but there were warnings about her closeout deals and the mildewy smells of the yarn. Sad!)

Sounds like a great day. Wish I had been there. Yes, that is a beautiful shop.