2009 YEAR OF THE STASH! Join the Stash Train!

:thumbsup: [I][B] I heard that!

Grannys dishcloth is so awesome though! ;o) My cotton is a huge drawer full and now is overflowing into the floor! LOL I literally have it still in the bag from the store where I bought it. My DH is havin a cow. haha

I actually have yarn stashed in pillow cases and told dh that it’s odds and ends to sheet sets…

he never looks in them :slight_smile:

WOW, never thought of that one! I might have to give it a try. :teehee: Cant wait to “destash” and organize in 2009!!!

Ya gotta start em off slow. I saw a thing about how it’s easier to store sheet sets in one of the pillow cases, tidier and you’re never hunting for a full set… So they’ll see you pull out hte pillow case and pull out sheets…

after a couple of months, you take the odds and ends pillow cases and put yarn in them so it looks like sheet sets then put them up high under the “not full sets” deal :slight_smile:

LHFBM - you are sneaky, I love it. My DH keep saying when I tell him I want yarn for Christmas, that the one thing I don’t need is yarn. My ten boxes of yarn and overflowing drawers are driving him crazy. My have to start using them pillowcases to disguise my addition.

it works :slight_smile:

I also remind my dh of the fact that he has a TON of computer parts/superhero things that have taken over the shelves of our basement (and what’s supposed to be MY office… it’s getting redecorated after the first of the year and the first thing to go are his super hero things… sunny yellow walls and a pretty darker blue carpet. it’s meant to be a sun room so it’s going to be full of color since it has 5 windows over the 3 sides not attatched to the house and i have seasonal depression… plus i need a place to put my tredmill i’ll be getting). So given he has a LOT more of his “crud” he can leave mine alone.

Sounds like you’ll have a great place to knit.

I’m going to plan this log cabin …ghan into my weekly knitting. I’m going to start with my Christmas colors and work from there. I inherited a lot of red and green from a friend and need to finish that up first. I’ll probably work some cotton into the project as well.

I know definitely what I’ll be starting as of Jan 1st 2009 and that is my Central Park Hoddie (finally). I like to have a few projects going at the same time so I have to think a bit.

Good Luck with your destashing.


I’m just going to pull bright colors from my stash (limited as it is). I’m doing the livingroom in the same colors as my office (only difference is the woodwork in the livingroom has a reddish tint to it) so it’ll go for one of the rooms…

Unless my 5 cats lay claim to it first!

Well, I’ve decided to start my “detashin” early.I taught my niece to knit this summer and she loves it. So I am going to go through my stash and pick out some yarn for her and add it to her Christmas bag. :o) I know it will be loved and hopefully used with her!

excellent plan :slight_smile:

I went to AC Moore last night and bought MORE yarn (and notions… 30 bucks worth LOL) and i’m going to Joann’s this weekend for their big sale.

I started knitting not too long ago, but I will definately use my yarn to make something good!

I have more shopping to do… apparently my youngest got me a “gift” at Joann’s today too to give me for christmas…

YARN HERE I COME considering their sale starts friday :slight_smile:

I’m all in for the “stash-ghan”, but was wondering…since this is a Year Of The Stash geared toward something seamless, I’ve got some yarn I’d LOVE to try and make a sweater from. Got any seamless, not too difficult sweater patterns to go along with the afghan idea?

I’m also planning on doing some shawls, facecloths, drawstring bags…mainly stuff I intended to get done for this Christmas and ran out of time.

Anyway, if you could find an easy pattern for an adult seamless (or at the very least, one knit from the neck down that maybe would only have seaming on the sides and underneath the arms) sweater, I’d totally love to try that, too!

Hi miccisue!

I will have 2 separate threads going:

[B]1) [/B] The official KnittingHelp January KAL…for which I chose to offer a ‘seamless’ blanket…either LOG CABIN style…or BLOCKS Intarsia Style.

[B]2)[/B] 2009 Year of the Stash (which runs all year)

Well…since I am the Captain of the Stash Train…I thought that my particular seamless blanket [I]should use STASH[/I] before buying new yarn for it. So I’m calling my particular blanket a Seamless Stashghan!

So to clarify any misunderstanding: the KAL will be for some sort of seamless blanket. In that January Knitting Help KAL we will be helping one another on [B]seamless [U]blankets[/U][/B] specifically. With new yarn, or stash yarn. Some don’t have enough stash for a blanket…so they might buy yarn that goes on sale after Christmas.

As for your question about an adult seamless sweater…there is a seamless, top-down raglan sweater that I’ve made 3 times with different yarns. The pattern is called “Something Red”…and I’ve included a link to the pattern for you. The designer is asking $5.50 for the pattern download.

This is the model sweater.

These are mine. I made my sleeves long on all three.

The yarn I’m buying is for other projects I have in mind… I THINK (ok, HOPE) i have enough in my stash for an afghan… I think i’m going to aim for a throw and see what happens from there.

I’m with you LilMom! I have some stash acrylic yarn, and I’m going to knit my Log Cabin as far as the supplies will take me. Not sure if I have enough to complete. If I don’t, I’ll get some acrylic on sale the next time there’s a good coupon. But I should get a good running start with supplies on hand!

I’m in for the stash train,I started to put my stash on Rav but there is just so much of it…and Michaels has such a great sale this week…must-be-strong-must-not-buy.

I’m totally going to stash-bust this year, and maybe participate in a knit-along down the road, depending on what you decide to do. :slight_smile:

But, I did get a gift certificate from Elann for Christmas! :woohoo:

So I think getting some new yarn with that is allowed.

Oh yessss! FREE YARN & GIFTED YARN is always allowed!