2009 YEAR OF THE STASH! Join the Stash Train!

HI! :waving:

[B]2009 has arrived, right on time, too! [/B]:cheering:

Would you like to make [COLOR=Blue][B]DESTASHING[/B][/COLOR] your[B] New Year’s Resolution?[/B] I heard on the News: the USA is finally officially admitting we are in a RECESSION! :pout:

Maybe your country is also feeling the pinch!

What better reason to DESTASH? We must keep knitting…but must we also keep BUYING & BUYING yarn? Well, yes…but…wouldn’t you love to use that beautiful yarn that has been lingering in YARN JAIL for months, maybe years? :teehee:

As of January 1, 2009…our [B]2008[/B] YEAR OF THE STASH thread will be retiring!

To welcome the [COLOR=Blue][B]2009 STASH TRAIN[/B][/COLOR]…I am hosting the January KH Knitalong! The subject??? You guessed it!!! It will be a seamless STASHGAN project. Whether a small ‘lapghan’…or a small ‘babyghan’…or a medium-sized ‘napghan’…or a large-sized ‘manghan’…or a extra-large sized ‘bedghan’…USING STASH YARN is the way to go! If you don’t have quite enough stash yarn…there are some terrific yarn sales rolling in December! And you might be gifted with a Joann’s gift card, too!

Please note that the Janurary KH-Knitalong can be worked on throughout the year! I will be available to assist you, and cheer you on, for the entire year! But let’s get rolling in January!

Here is the link to our Seamless Blanket Project KAL.

[COLOR=Blue][B]Why not join us? Put January 1, 2009 in your calendar![/B][/COLOR]

Whether using Stash Yarn for a host of different projects, or using Stash Yarn to create a seamless blanket…just use that Stash for something in 2009! Heaven knows I need to! :teehee:

Count me in:thumbsup:! Not for the stashghan (don’t have that many leftovers) but for the Stash Train for sure!!! Lots of yarn just waiting to become something:cheering:

We can definitely feel the recession here too… Our savings are getting smaller and smaller. And the government won’t acknowledge it and support the financial system.

I’m in too, but not for the lapghan–why is this? Because I have a second resolution, and that is to finish all my UFOs. Seriously, I have a toddler sweater that just needs a button band and a baby blanket that needs maybe another 6 or 8 inches of knitting. And the size of my stash is ridiculous, even AFTER I gave a bunch of yarn to a wonderful co-worker who crochets and who just retired. So:

  1. I will complete my UFOs.
  2. I will not purchase any new yarn until I have completed my UFOs and knitted or crocheted at least two more projects using yarn from my existing stash. And then, I will not purchase any more yarn than is required for one and only one project!

Thanks or the suggestion. It’s a great idea!

Way to Go Marria! You Rock!!! :thumbsup:

Thanks! It will definitely help to know there are others trying to de-stash as well. It’ll be a de-stashing support group!

I know that I’m getting more yarn for Christmas, I have about 3 tubs of yarn, but a lot of it is for the afghans I’m working on, so I don’t think I have enough for the Stashgan that are in the same weight, but I do want to use up a lot of my stash… So I’m in for this…

I think I’ll look over my stash in Rav and see what I want to make…

I do have this one yarn that a ribbon/ladder type and I want to make a simple lacy scarf… I might just use really big needles for it…

This will be fun! Wonder hos much I can use up… :think:

Same here. I’m not quite sure if I have enough of this acrylic to finish Celeste’s LOG CABIN kid sized stashghan, but I’m gonna start it…and use the yarn til it all gone…if I fall short…I might buy a skein or two of Simply Soft acrylic to finish it. But the main thing is that I will be getting rid of 2,000+ yds of old acrylic from my yarn jail! :thumbsup:

I’ll definitely be in on this KAL. We’re losing some of our income this year, so I won’t be able to afford to buy yarn for a while.

I think I have enough acrylic to make one, but I got it for the oddball baby blankets so I want to save it for that…

Do you all consider yarn that you buy with a project in mind part of your stash? Just wondering what everyone else thinks about it. If I am planning on making it soon or have already started it I don’t really look at it as stash, although it’s in my stash at Rav… does that make sense?

I do consider it stash, because even if i intended the yarn for a certain project, life gets in a way and i don’t always immediately cast on, it can take me a year to get to that certain project. Considering that i try to buy yarn in “sweater amount”, it can be a lot of yarn:teehee:

I consider every single skein of yarn I own to be in my stash.

Yeah, I agree with Shandeh!

However, I have what I call a stash “yarn jail”!

Yarn jail contains stash that I’ve had for over a year! :teehee:
Hopefully not sentenced to ‘life’, and with 2009 parole possibilities!

All the rest is just Stash In Waiting! :roflhard:

I absolutely failed at this last year :blush: although looking back over the year, I only bought one hank of yarn (for a scarf yet to be started), four skeins of yarn for an afghan I am trying to finish, 2 skeins for learning socks, and about 10 skeins of a clearanced yarn which I’ve changed my mind about what I want to do with it.


Okay, that was worse than I thought, especially since I don’t have any finished projects to show for it. :rofl: (The more I put down the more I remembered something else I bought. :doh:)

Anyway, put me down again and if I finish ONE of my projects out of yarn from my pre-2009 stash, I’ll consider it a success! :thumbsup: :roflhard:

Count me in! I am not sure I will do the stashghan as I am in a local group that does one or two projects a month. My thing is not buying new yarn for the things I want to make! So, with that said, I need to rescue some of my yarn from yarn jail. I want to use all my cotton before I buy [U]any[/U] new, I mean honestly how many dish cloths can one make?!! LOL I need to actually organize it to see what/how much of everything I have. That is step one. :o)

In addition to a Stash-gan, which I’m not going to do because I actually gave away a bunch of my stash to a really sweet lady who knit with me on our lunch break, so I don’t have that many scraps left. I do however have wait too much yarn and enough to make many sweaters. So I propose for anyone who is interested an Interweave Knits-along. Pick any pattern from any issue you like to knit using yarn from your stash. Anyone interested?

EDIT: Oh, and I didn’t finish my UFO finishing resolution either :wink:

u can count me in. Not sure how far i’ll get (stupid wrists) but i have a bunch of baby yarn/caron ss/ and red heart (mainly left over from my crocheting days) that’s sucking up valuable space in my yarn drawers.

now don’t get me started on the fabric… i have a ton of that too!

Same goes for me. I will work on my Seamless Stashghan (a la Log Cabin style) for the entire month of January…but if I don’t finish it by Jan 30…I will need to set it aside for a while. I am hosting a “SYLVI” HOODED COAT-KAL that begins Feb 1st!

Also, I’m really not sure how many logs my acrylic stash will create!

Could be I’ll end up with a lapghan! :roflhard: Or a doggieghan! :roflhard:

I’ve been wanting to use up this acrylic stash, and this is just the right project. I’ve made 2 patchwork stashghans in years past, but the seaming for the patches drove me over the edge.

Seamless is the way to go…whether log cabin style, or the seamless intarsia patchwork style.

I’ve actually been thinking about also using up some of my cotton yarn (have a TON of it) and making some hot pads/placemats. I never seem to have them when I need them and I’m tired of using regular placemats to prevent my table from being scorched. I also requested the mason-dixon book from my local library, i understand there’s a log cabin bath mat in there (which would be really cool in my bathroom that despite the males’ opinions, i’m doing in rather girly theme but with bold colors!)

Yes! I was looking at that bathmat the other day! It is cream yarn…and the logs are seamed together (or row #1) using red print rag fabric! Very cool indeed!

my cotton yarn is now taking up a full drawer in my cart and expanding into my knitting tote (one of those purple rolling carts from joanns). Getting kinda tired of knitting “granny’s favorite dishcloth” since i only make them for me.