2008 Swap. An Idea

This is just an idea for a swap next year and wanted peoples opionions.

Some people have been put off joing a swap because of postage costs, which I can understand, it’s pricey if your sending to the UK from the US, and it’s pricey to send to the US from the UK.

My idea was people swap but in their own country, eg I would match US people together with each other and UK people with each other thus keeping postage priceys at a level where more people can join in.

What are people’s thoughts? If it does take place it wouldn’t be until January at the earliest, too much going on for some people over Christmas and New Year.

Please forgive any spelling errors, I can’t really function well without spell check!

I think that sounds like a great idea. I didn’t mind sending international in the Winter Wonderland swap but it reallys adds up when the shipping costs even more than the swap. For me I was in the $25 group and to ship is costing me $35. Yikes!

I like the idea… I’m in a gardening club that does what we call a craft robin. On the same idea, we’d sign up and whoever sends the beginning package puts in what she doesn’t use, the next person pulls out anything she wants and replaces with equal value and so on and so on. When it gets back to the originator, she pulls out what she wants and posts what’s left, anyone who wants more, pays the shipping and it gets sent to her. Anything left over after that is donated to a local charity or home.

The contents were limited to a flat rate box and nobody had to pay over $8.75 for shipping. A delivery confirmation was required and that number was posted on the thread as it was shipped around. The flat rate box does limit somewhat but keeps the postage cost down. There are two sizes of the flat rate boxes and one of them is long enough for knitting needles. Now that USPS will allow the use of the “Priority Mail” boxes, it works internationally as well.

Count me in if it’ll be something like this. Mary

That sounds like a great idea! :woohoo: I’ve not yet participated in a swap, but I’d really like to. I’m one of those who were a little off-put by the cost of international shipping, and I was really excited to see this suggestion!!

I think that is a great idea. I love swaps and would join. I think it will be even better because more people who nomally wouldn’t join because of shipping cost will.

I’m glad some of you like the idea. I loved doing my swap but ended up paying out more on postage, it can be suprising how much the postal servies will charge.

Well I’ll get something sorted and people can sign up, but like I said you wouldn’t need to send out until Jan-Feb, have a New Year swap. If enough people like the idea that is!

i love sswaps Nobones! for the very reason you stated, i won’t be sending internationaly. it just sucks that shipping internationaly for me has been $38 everytime. that almost always doubles my cost :frowning: I’ll keep my eyes open to see what sort of swap you host ellie :yay:

For people who love swaps, but cannot afford to ship to Europe. I might be able to help. I live in England, but have an American po box. So the shipping price is about the same for shipping in the states, but you still have to fill out the custom’s form.

I can also take the custom’s form off, and send it on, so the person receiving it does not get to know what is inside until they open it. I think this will work for Europe, too.


I’m not usually one for swaps, for the same reason other people have said- postal costs.

If you’re thinking of starting this in the New Year, Ellie, maybe it would be worth a shout finding out what surface mail would cost for people who live in the Eastern states, at least.

It might be interesting to compare the time scales and prices - I STILL cannot figure out though, why I can get stuff to CA and WA in three days and it can take up to 10 days to get packages to ME and MA.

Think this is a brilliant swap idea! :knitting::yay:

All the Best

Another Ellie


It is a good idea but what will you do if you dont get even numbers in a local area… or what if we only have one person from somwhere sign up??

I think it is a great idea, but can knitters from Canada take part too? I’m itching to do a yarn or sock swap…:eyes:

Sorry Busy hands, but this swap is already running.

It finishes at the end of January though so you won’t have to wait long for someone to start another swap.

Maybe the person who does the next swap could do a Valentine swap? Start preparing now and you’d be just in time.

This sound like a great idea!

I am dying to do another square swap. I am doing one right now on ravelry but would like to do another one. I am trying collect enough for a blankie. If there is interest in a square swap, I can start it or someone else who has enough posts.