2008 Stitch n Pitch--More teams added

:happydance: The calendar is up. It may have been up for a while, I don’t know but something made me go look today ahem and found it is available for you to check out. Enjoy! :guyknitting:


I just got an e-mail regarding this today and the list of dates and teams is a lot longer than the last time I looked on the SnP website. They say they have 88% of all the teams hosting a Stitch n Pitch and they are also expanding into some minor league teams too. Definitely check again to see if your teams is listed now.

Stupid Braves, no event here in ATL.

And again this year, no Angels :cry:

There was actually one in MN. And the dates coincide with when my former host Mom from New Zealand will be here - and she taught me to knit!! I think it might be the day she flies home though…might have to pass :frowning:

No Mariners either.

That’s odd; I was looking at the press for this and the Detroit News articlesaid that

Barbara Paley, marketing specialist for TNNA [The National Needle Arts Association], said, “[B]The Stitch N’ Pitch is the idea of the Mariners[/B]. TNNA took it on in 2006 and made it a program.” (The Tigers played against the Mariners on Sunday).

You’d think the Mariners would be the flagship team that does it every year! :doh:

Anyway, I’ve never heard of this before and it sounds like a cool idea! :thumbsup: It looks like the Tigers are doing it this year too! :yay:

I’ve never actually thought of taking knitting to a baseball game, but it kind of makes sense. :knitting:

Every year DH and I go to one game with another couple we know – of course I’m the only needlecrafter, but they’re used to me dragging that kind of stuff around with me. :noway: I think they would only be a little embarrassed. :rofl:

I don’t think I’ll make this event – I get discounted tickets through work and the days are predetermined – but I think I’m going to start taking my knitting with me anyway!

Yeah the Mets are on the list…Last year I was on vacation when they had the game so maybe I will go this time.

My Tigers are Sept. 10th!:cheering:

No Indians this year! SNP was held in Cleveland last year. :frowning:

Well you can come to Kansas City for the Stitch n Pitch game! They are playing Cleveland for that game. :slight_smile:

August 5th- Toronto Blue Jays!
I meant to go last year, but I had just moved and there was a whole tickets issue. Hopefully I’ll get to go this year!

Bummer! It’s here on the 29th of June, but I’m going to be in New Mexico then.

The Braves had one last year—I didn’t hear about it till I already had plans!

No Braves?? Boo. We smell better than all the dogs they let in for Bark in the Park!

I’ll be at the game in Toronto for sure! I went last year with my mom and my SIL. The DHs came along for the baseball. We had a great time!

How is it with 2 teams in Chicago, neither is doing SNP?

I live in North Texas, but I’m a die hard Houston Astros fan.
So, I will try and be there May 4 with my yarn and needles.
Sounds like a good birthday present to me…

[FONT=Courier New]No Red Sox? Who do they think they are?[/FONT]

bump. :thumbsup:

I can make it to the DC, Baltimore or Philly game! But, I can’t knit with the kiddos with me (2 yo won’t allow it, LoL). So I may have to hold off on SnPs for a few years until she gets a little older.