2008 Christmas KAL

These hedgehogs? I had seen them. I like them and these the best. They look more like “Hedgie” from [B]The Hat[/B]. I’m going to get over my cheapness and purchase Debbie Radtke’s.

I was gonig to make alligator scarves for all of the kids in the family and I stocked up on Wool Ease for them but I don’t know how many I will get done. I’ve become a selfish knitter. I want to make things for others but I’m still new and there is so much that I want to make and I don’t have a lot of knitting time. I am going to make the dog a felted square to snooze on. Don’t know why. She just likes to lie on things. She will choose the chair that has a sweater tossed in the seat. One time I got home from an interview and she was on the bed while I changed. She got up from where she was and moved over onto my suit. I want to make Julianne some socks even though she only wants scarves and a sweater dress from me. I don’t know if I will get a dress done but I’ll look into it. I might make a small felted bag for one cousin. That’s it for Christmas and knitting!!! All of my other knitting time is my sweaters!

I will have to make a proper list for Christmas. So far I have only thought to make the coat for my daughter. I have half the back done and it is so getting on my nerves so have had a break from it for the last couple of months. The kids go back to school next Tuesday so will start on that again. Have a quarter of an Alligator scarf done for my son. My brother is visiting at the moment and has requested a pair of thick socks for work so am trying to figure out what sort of yarn is the strongest. Have a pattern for fiber trend slipper boots for kids but think I will buy the adult version and make some slippers for the in-laws.
Probably do some wash cloths for my sons teacher.

I figured I’d jump in and post what I"ll be working on for christmas presents.
Hubby: Camo hat
Son: Camo hat
Dad: felted clogs
Grandmother: Felted clogs
Grandfather: Felted clogs
Nieces (2): Knitted tanktops

That’s a good start for now :slight_smile:


Wow!!! I like some of the items everyone is making for christmas I did forget about hats but I think I will use the knifty knitter for them. my list has got a little longer so I think I am going to make some fun fur scarfs

I will join this knit along, currently on the needle is an afghan for youngest son and his girlfriend. She is recovering from rolling the SUV she was driving recently when she was helping a friend move. She was bruissed up a bit and lots of little cuts from the glass . She had to have her hair cut due to glass in her scalp and blood that stained it.
I have the border and one repeat of the pattern done so far.

Daylilydayzed - That must have been really scary for her, hope she recovers quickly.

I will join this knitalong. I joined last years. I already started my brother’s sweater. He actually wants the same sweater I made him last year, the cambridge jacket from Interweave Knits, Summer 2006 He loved it that much. I’m about 80% done. I have the sleeves, back, and left front done. I am about 1/3 done on the right front. Since he showed that he is so knit worthy, I am upgrading the yarn from last years patons merino to 100% cashmere. (he took it to get dry cleaned and he wore it almost every day to his office :cheering:) His co-worker emailed me that he wanted one too.

  1. I am also making my twin another skirt. I am making the bell curve skirt from knitty, winter 2007

  2. for my little sister I’m making convertible mittens from fall 2008 vogue knitting

  3. for my best friend I’m making the seascape stole, knitty summer 2008

  4. my boss’s secretary has been wanting a scarf forever so I am making some type of lacy scarf haven’t figure out what yet.

  5. I’m making a newsboy hat for my grandfather

  6. Baby sweater for best friends baby

  7. little girl sweater for best friends daughter

  8. hat for little sister fiance

  9. something for grandmother. don’t know what yet. she is very feminine so not sure but she is also practical. maybe placemats? I saw a knitted sunhat which was beautiful which she may like I may try.

  10. boyfriend gets nothing. he never wears anything I make him. boo

  11. mother i’m hoping a sweater, but she loves scarfs. I will be tired of scarfs by then.

WoW Scout that is some list. Hope you get everything done.

I know!! I hope I did not overdo it. but each year more people keep asking for stuff. So each year I am starting Christmas gifts earlier.

Here is my list…

DD, Tori Pi Shawl, cast on last night, have all the yarn and the lace patterns worked out…

DD, Belle, Baby clothes, I have 1 hat made I need to decide which others clothes I want to make, I’m thinking I’m going to use preemie patterns, I’ll use stash yarn

DS, Jeremiah, stuffed dinos using stash too

MIL and FIL and Afghan I have one square done, I think it’s going to be the hardest square on theirs… have some of the yarn… need to get more…

Dad and Stepmom and afghan, I am working on the second square have all the yarn

Dh, Goob, Can cozy had to special order some of it, it’s going to be black with bright green space invaders on it and felted have the black yarn and the green is in, just need to go get it…

BIL Dalek using stash yarn too

SIL felted purse, have this yarn…

So with all that I better get knitting! :teehee::knitting:

Dawn two afghans, you are ambitious. can’t wait to see photos.

I am restarting my daughters coat. When I orignally bought the yarn for it I bought enough to make her one in white and me one in blue. But since doing half of the back I know now that I will never make another one of these so will use the blue yarn for her coat as I have more of it. I think I would like to make it a hooded coat instead of the collar.

I will join the fun. My list is simple but long… 12 pairs of felted clogs. I know, I know… these were a popular item a couple of years ago… What can I say, I am behind…

I have two pairs knitted (Cranberry/Mist and Artic Pool/Mist, but not felted yet and have a bright Avocado/Sapphire pair on my needles right now.

Not for Christmas, but I also have to needle felt my son’s school logo on the pair I knitted him last year.

Will post pictures soon

Yea so I finished the main pieces of my brothers sweater. I just now I have to finished blocking the pieces and seam them up. After that I then have to knit up the neckpiece then I will be ALL done with his sweater and that will be one gift down!!:woohoo: :woohoo:

I will post pics soon.

Congrats Scout! Can’t wait to see it. I am impressed. I have never knitted anything that complex.

I finished my DB hat and it was the first one I ever made!

Just finished the first shoe of my 3rd pair of clogs. I knit the top in avocado and the sole/trim holding a strand each of avocado and sapphire.

I am kind of nervous and excited to see them felted. I have never mixed my yarn before. Anyone else try this before? I think they are going to turn out cute and I will be tempted to keep them for myself! :slight_smile:

Attached is a picture of the 2 1/2 pairs I have knitted for Christmas so far…prefelted and yes with the strings unwoven still, but that’s 3 presents I don’t have to shop for :happydance: :woohoo:

Great job Duessa, can’t wait to see the pics.

New_knitter, they look great so far. I can’t wait to see how they look felted. I haven’t yet tried felting. that is on my to try list.

Finished another square for my dad and step mom’s afghan and attached it to the first one. I have to undo the crocheting on the first square as it did not match the second and I like the second better. I’ve started the second one for my MIL and FIL. I started Tori’s Christmas Pi Shawl but had to frog it:frog: cuz I dropped a stich and couldn’t fix it… need to put a life line in this time… :doh:

I’ll join! Here’s my list:
[li]Hat for a friend[/li][li]Purse for a friend[/li][li]Socks for DM[/li][li]Socks for DB[/li][li]Set of bowls for a friend[/li][li]Washcloth set for DM[/li][*]Still need to think of something for Father Hmmmm…[/ol]I have a long list but it’s a few months before so [U][B]I will[/B][/U] get everything done!