2007 knitting pattern-a-day calendar...help!

This was posted on the message board for my SNB but none of us have this calendar–can any of you help? If so, post your response and I’ll cut and paste it to our message board. I feel so bad when I can’t help out a fellow knitter…

“I’m hoping some of you great knitters out there can help me. If any
of you have this calendar, I’m trying to do the Loop Stitch Floral Pin
on January 2nd. I cannot get it. I’ve been working on it forever and
I had a friend look at it this weekend too. Have any of your done
this one or do you know if there’s a mistake in the pattern? I’m in
desperate need of some help. Any ideas, help, pointers, etc will be
greatly appreciated.”

I have that calendar, but I haven’t tried it. Here are the directions in case anyone else can help:

Cast on: 11 st for fingering or sock weight yarn
50-70 st for ribbon or thicker yarn

Row 1: Knit
Row 2: K1, *insert needle into next stitch as if to knit. Place left index finger next to right needle tip, wind yarn around needle and finger clockwise three times and then once around needle tip. Draw all 4 loops through to complete stitch. * Repeat between *s across row to last stitch. K1
Row 3: K1, *knit next 4 stitches together as one stitch, pass first st. over second st. to cast off. * Repeat bet *s across row to end.

I hope this helps you get an answer. :happydance:

bump…anyone have any ideas?

Do you know what the problem she’s having is exactly? My interpretation is its just a loop stitch, but instead of wrapping around the thumb, the pattern is wrapping the index finger and pulling through. I tried that and it seemed right to me. The picture of the pin looks like a bunch of loops. I dont have a scanner, or I’d post the pic.

i tried to knit it (twice!) and i came up with something really weird looking. :shrug: both times were actually quite different from each other though.

i guess i’d have to see a picture in order to know if i’m anywhere near it.

I’m on laptop today, but I will scan and upload tomorrow for y’all. :happydance:

Its supposed to look like a bunch of long loops of yarn. :shrug:

Yes, that’s it. That row #2 I believe is what makes the loops and the subsequent rows somehow make it into a bundle so that it’s like a flower.

i definitely got the loops. and they do kind of look flower-petal-y … and then i assume it will all come together at the bind off row… but, it just ends up as a strip of loops. maybe i’m supposed to join the ends into a circle? :??

Here’s the scan of the calendar page. I put it in PDF. Jan 2 page

Thanks for posting the pic–I’ll try to work on it too. I’ve cut and pasted all of the responses so far and sent them to her–I appreciate everyones help!

here’s a more specific post about her problem…

My problem is on Row 3. The instructions say " K1, knit next 4 stitches together as one stitch, pass first stitch over second stitch to cast off. repeat between *s across row to end." That’s the last of the instructions. So in theory all I’d have to do is roll what’s left and sew it together. When I try this step, it does not look anything like it’s supposed to. It turns into one blob of yarn that looks nothing like the picture.

I think I see the problem. Looking at my calendar, that is not the last of the instructions. It says further:
“For fingering weight yarn, leave an 18-inch/45.7-cm tail and thread a darning needle. For ribbon, thread a sewing needle with similar color thread. With cast off stitches at top, roll the length of loops like a jelly roll, securing the cast off edge as you roll. Sew a safety pin or booch pin finding to the back.”