2000 yards of this....what would you make with it? >>


I’m looking to make some sort of sweater that comes in extended sizes like XL.

Thanks in advance!

A nice shawl would be good. Something you could wrap around you and watch tv at the same time.


It’s so lovely.

  1. Is there a pattern?
  2. I like to do cables, but I have no idea how to correct an incorrectly done one, so this one might be a bit intimidating for me.

Thanks for posting it though. :slight_smile:

It’s the fall 07 issue.

correcting cables can be a pain… practice on a swatch, purposefully make a booboo and see if you can fix it.

If I had a waist, I’d make this for myself :grrr:

The best thing to do if you’re new to cables is to put in life lines every so often. I put them in as often as every five rows, as that’s as much as I’m willing to frog at one time.

I checked Big Girl Knits out of the library a while back. They have some beautiful sweater patterns.

If memory serves, many of those patterns are made for busty women. That’s the one place I never gain weight! But I’ll see if I can snag a copy-maybe something would fit.


They have patterns for big busts, big waists and big butts, also combos. They show how to size to emphasize or de-emphasize body parts.