2 year old with a broken arm

Ok, I need to get this out, and I like this site, even though I don’t post much. So I hope you don’t mind if I babble a little. My 2 1/2 year old son broke his arm yesterday, and I feel like a failure. We were at the park, he was climbing something he has climbed many time, and slipped. He didn’t fall far, but he fell hard, and broke his right radius, snapped it right in half. I was RIGHT there, less than 2 feet away, it just happened so fast. He is my only baby, and I am a very protective mom. I cloth diapered, made my own baby food, buy organic, ban soda, all to keep him healthy. I always let him play and climb at the park because I want him to be adventurous and confindent, something I am not. He has dealt with the whole thing so well, such a trooper!! The doctor actually didn’t think it was broken because Logan let hime move it all around and poke, but the xrays showed a different picture. The Ortho we saw says it should heal just fine, his being so young works in his favor. So he picked a nice red cast that runs from his knuckles to his shoulder, on his right, and yes he is right handed.
Now, to make me feel even worse, we went shopping today and I got several looks from other families as if to say “what kind of parent lets a kid that young break an arm”. I guess I know these things happen with kids, but why mine? And why do people have to give me those looks that make me feel like dirt on their shoes. Thanks for letting me rant.

Relax, it’s okay. Nobody’s perfect. My best friend’s mom was watching her 20 month daughter walk outside. She slipped and fell on the concrete! She broke her arm, and the mom did the same thing as you’re doing now. (Not in a bad way or anything) She will be fine, I promise.

These things happen. Don’t deal yourself guilt! A kid without bruises is a kid that isn’t active enough. He’ll heal just fine. Let yourself heal, too.

As for other people pfttttt!

He’s a guy and guys do that sort of thing. Get used to it because it probably won’t be the only injury he ever has. We guys are good at that sort of thing. In a few years he’ll be bragging about it.

My mom was on a first name basis with the ER staff when I was growing up :rofl:

I’m sorry Logan was injured, but how cool is THAT to have a red cast?!? Mine were plain, icky, itchy-around-the-edges white when I had one (twice).

Children aren’t the only ones who can be mean; adults can be vicious. Heck with 'em. You know the truth, so stand in that.

Go feef!

haven’t had kids!!! Don’t beat yourself up!!!:waving:

When I was 4 I think… I was walking with my mom and was wearing a new dress. She was holding my hand when I went to jump into a puddle. She yanked up, and broke my wrist. I’m 23, and she’s my best friend. I don’t love her any less for it, and honestly, I don’t remember anyone giving her crap for it.

Just remember that just because he’s broken, doesn’t mean that you’re a bad mother. Just tell whoever says stuff that he’s exceptionally smart and adventurous for his age and was exploring. They don’t have to know that it was something he’d done a million times.

hug It’ll be okay. I promise. Stay strong.

Perfect post, couldn’t have said it better.

And as hard as it must be to stand aside sometimes, I think that constantly saying “Oh no, honey, you’ll hurt yourself” is a million times more damaging than a broken arm. I had a friend who always took that approach with her active boy and I just cringed every time. :sad:

Oh Crissy, that is awful :hug::hug:You didn’t do anything wrong though. I get so nervous with my little guy climbing on everything (he is such a monkey). But that’s what toddlers do. It could have happened to anyone and even if you were standing right there. You’re a good mama! :hug:

When my son was 4 he was sitting on the arm of the couch, I told him he ought to not sit there, but I didn’t make him get down, then from about 8 feet across the room I watched him fall, not far, on to cushy carpet and break his arm. He was holding a toy so didn’t try to catch himself and fell wrong. It was awful. He had to have a pin put in.
He also had a very minor broken wrist when he was 2. He was reaching for something on wooden stairs, slipped upwards, not down, and hit his arm bad. He then took a nap, When he woke up he was favoring it. So I took him to the doctor and the x ray showed a very minor break, that I could have missed if I hadn’t been watchful.
He also knocked out a tooth when he was 10.
He’s just accident prone.
None of the above counts all the surgeries and proceedures he’s had that were “planned”.

You’re son will do fine. He’ll get lots of attention and get well presents.

No offense newamy, but that is pretty funny! :rofl:

When my son was 2 we were walking off the elevator at the kids DR.s office and he tripped and hit his head on a table and cut his nose bridge right between the eyes.They wanted to put 2 sts in but I told them to just put butterfly bandages on.They were very nice to me(ha ha sue sue) and the table was removed .The same son fell off the bunkbed ladder onto his little brother (15 months )and broke his little brother’s leg:doh:
cast up to his hip.:eyes: One had a black eye from throwing a ball again a brick wall. One smashed a toe and had to have his toenail removed and sts put in his toe( he dropped the kitchen bar stool on it. One had a kite he was flying hit him in the eye.The list goes on and on:eyes:All that some 30 some years ago and they still laugh about all of it.No matter how good you watch them they are gonna hurt themself sooner or later no matter what.Boys especially :roll: Don’t feel bad about other people starring at you for all they know he could of had some surgery or something to fix a birth defect.People are people and they just can’t seem to quit judging other people.What is a parent to do?:shrug:

:hug: Chrissy. Sorry to hear Logan had a boo boo. He’ll be find and heal ok. You are a wonderful mother. Ignore those people … dang those who assume, sheesh.

That’s where the old expression comes from “Boys will be boys”.

Don’t be over protective and kill his sense of adventure. That’s worse than any broken bone.

Sorry to hear about your little guy’s broken arm.

Don’t beat yourself up about it too much.

Last spring 2 of the boys in my dd’s 2nd grade class broke their arms falling off a play structure in the play yard.

Then this summer one of the guys who works for my dh got a phone call while on the road for us that his 4 yo ds broke his arm in three places cause his Gramma accidentally sat on him. :zombie:

These things happen.

Your little guy will be fine and the red cast will be a memory and a story to share when he gets older.

Susan (who after one false step managed to rupture her achilles tendon and spent half the summer in a lovely purple cast)

I hope Logan feels better soon… I know as a mom we tend to beat ourselves up…but like others said you didn’t do anything wrong…and you have to let them be active…:hug:

my son is very cautious… it’s my little girl that is always swinging from something or jumping off something…:teehee:

:hug::hug: one for you and one for Logan! You are not a bad Mom! Accidents happen.
When my youngest brother was 2 he broke his arm falling from a slide ladder while my mom was right next to him. A year later he broke the same arm on the same ladder with my Dad standing less than 3 feet away from him. I actually think he jumped the 2nd time. My brother healed very well and you would never ever know now looking at him that that arm had been broken twice.

Take care of yourself and your baby. He sounds like a trooper as my Gram used to always say!

Bah! Don’t let it freak you out. People may be looking to just be looking and they might not be thinking bad things at all. For what it’s worth, I broke my collar bone doing a triple gainer off of my high chair at 18 months. Mom was right there, saw the whole thing but didn’t dive as fast as I did. :roflhard: To this day the poor woman feels bad about it and I’m 40. I don’t remember anything about it. I also rammed my first tooth right through my lip while trying to run on unsteady feet and have a nice scar, none of it was anybody’s fault. Those were just the first of many, many things that have happened to me over the years. I was an active child and still am an active adult. He’ll be fine, you’ll be fine, don’t let other people worry you.

Thank you all so much for your nice words :muah: I definatly feel a little better about it today. I definatly dont want Logan to stop being who he is, adventurouse and active, so I guess I better get used to it. Thanks again everyone!