2 Yarns twisting around each other

Ugh, I’ve reviewed Amy’s demo on ‘knit’ stitch just to double check that I’m not doing something weird as I knit but it all looks fine. I’m using 2 self rolled balls (Amy’s way) and knitting them together using the continental method, but the yarn keeps twisting back toward the balls. Does that make sense?

Is there no way to prevent this madness? :frog: My stitches look ok (I think) and the yarn seems to flow over my index finger without twisting; it feels like it’s twisting on my pinky. I have rolled the 2 yarns together and that seems to help, but is time consuming.

Any suggestions?

[color=blueviolet]Buy a ball winder. It’s fabulous for rolling two strands into one ball. I’ve just completed a hat and mittens using two different colors as one. And it truly felt like it was one strand of yarn. I couldn’t believe the difference between knitting two strands as one using two self rolled balls, knitting two strands as one using both strands self rolled together into one ball, and knitting two strands as one rolled together with my winder. I got my winder at Knitting-Warehouse.com for only $26.95 and they have a flat rate shipping of $5.99.[/color]