2 WIPS- UPDATED with NEW pics of FO!

here is a lace poncho i’m working on for my cousin for her graduation present. I should be done tonight or tomorrow, then I have to block (wish me luck, my first time) it is real simple and it goes along very fast! i’ve got less then 2 pattern repeats left. thanks to Castle for posting the link and a pic! It is done with a mohair, wool, acrylic blend.

the 2nd WIP is a basic garter/stockinette stitche blanket i’m working on for a friend of the family. i’m hoping to finish it next weekend or so!!! i’m using joann rainbow boucle yarn, 2 strands.

Both are coming along very nicely. Beautiful.

I hope you post a picture of the shawl once it is done and blocked! It looks exquisite!

I have some of that Rainbow Boucle too, in Barbie pink! I should double-strand it for a poncho for my DD!

Both look gorgeous!! Please post pics again of the completed projects! The colors are so pretty!

well i just got finished with the poncho and put it to block or however you say that loool. It is my first time blocking anything so i was so nervous but I think (hope) that i did it correctly!!! Now i just have to find a way and place to hide it before my 2 yr old finds it!!!

Thank you guys so much for your compliments!!!

Oooo! Lovely!

Yeah Dearborn! (I was born in Michigan and used to go there to visit my Aunt for all the holidays)

That is really really beautiful. Love the way it turned out esp those scalloped edges. I’ve been wanting to make that for ages but I never get around to it. Great work!

well, i just got finished with the lace poncho, which I will actually not turn into a poncho. I thought it was nicer as a shawl or something just to wrap around the shoulders. I hope my cousin likes it! I’ll be giving it to her tomorrow!

here’s the FO

Victoise, I love Dearborn hehehe :slight_smile: and you really should make this, it was sooooooo simple! I was able to do a whole pattern repeat in the evenings when i would work on it. the pattern calls for 9 repeats which isn’t all bad!

thanks again for all your kind words!