2 WIPs, a FO and a yarn buying ban!!

I finally have a FO to show off! Stitch count is all over the place but have never worked with a fluffy yarn before so bound to be mistakes lol :joy:
2 WIPs are a hat which is the pink and grey, and a doorstop for my mum’s Christmas present. FO is a neck warmer for me, the yarn was just so gorgeous that I had to!

I have now been put on a yarn buying ban, my stash used to look like this:

It now looks like this…

A lady was selling a job lot of used and unused balls of DK and chunky very cheaply so couldn’t say no :joy:

Also if you haven’t already seen it, check out this ball of King Cole shine, I can’t wait to do something with it - probably a head band and if I like it I’ll get enough to make some mittens to go with it.

So that’s all from me at the moment, have been a bit poorly and now have a friend down visiting so hence why I’ve been a bit quiet. Hope everyone else is well :slight_smile:

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Sorry to hear you’ve been poorly, sending you ‘get better soon’ wishes.
Love the doorstop, what will you use to weight it? I have lots of ‘Shine’ in my stash in Glacier and Volcano, love yours, such gorgeous colours. I made (an altered) Cancun Boxy Lace Top (rav pattern) with Glacier last year, it’s still looking good after much use and washing.
Who’s banned you from yarn buying ( you must surely be joking!!) If this photo is all of your stash then it seems quite modest in all honesty.

The room size kind of limits how much I can buy, my craft room is only 7’9" x 8’9"! Thanks for get well wishes, just a flare up of a long term condition so annoying more than anything :smile:
Doorstop will have ceramic baking beads in it I think, nice and cheap and easy.

Hope you’re feeling better soon. You’re certainly knitting up a storm! The doorstop is going to look wonderful as are the hat and neck warmer. Love the colors and also the Shine yarn. That’ll be fun to work with.

Thank you x I needed a break from the Christmas knitting!

Ceramic Beads would never have thought of using these but what a great idea :bulb: ( here was i thinking along the lines of half a brick or large pebbles :blush:) It’ll be a fab :gift: for your mum.
Forgot to ask earlier, are those your new circulars you’re using for the hat?

Yes, they are the options circulars, I have some hiya hiya bamboo circulars as well :slight_smile:

What does FO mean?

Finished Object

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