2 Tone Shrug Woes

I want to make the 2 tone shrug from [I]Fitted KNits[/I] for my little sister for Christmas. The trouble is I have 2 skeins of Caron Shadows - 300 yds - and the shrug requires 440 yds. (2 skeins of cascade 220) If I knit it with a slightly larger gauge (18 sts/4" instead of 20 sts/4") do you think I could get away with the yarn I have or should I get another ball to be safe? Thanks!:cheering:

Oh and I think I will need to make the next smallest size - somehow I have to measure her back width without her noticing. :think::eyes:

Just my 2cents, but the shurgs I have made take every bit of the yarn they say they will so I would grab another ball while it is still in stock. No sure 2 stitches an inch will make up for 140yrds…

As for the length, tip to tip the length of your arms is your height and I usually figure the back width is 1/4th of that total length…if you know your sisters height you should be able to make the shrug without trying to measure her. Best of Luck.

[COLOR=darkorange]I took another look at the pattern and the amount of yarn needed increases by one ball at the next-largest size. I’ll be making one of the smaller sizes, so I [I]think[/I] I may be able to sqeak by.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=darkorange]I didn’t know that factoid! I am filing that info away. Thanks![/COLOR]