2 strands of thread?

Why would a pattern tell you to use 2 strands of thread throughout?
What does it mean, and does it change the way you knit or pearl?

basically you are just using two strands of yarn held together. sometimes people use two skeins of yarn and some will pull from the inside of the skein and the outside, just depends on how much yarn you will need and what is easier for you.

it doesn’t change the way you knit at all and at some point you won’t even notice that you are doing it… it will feel completely natural. :thumbsup:

Using two threads will create a thicker fabric. This is common for felted items. Typically, two strands of worsted weight yarn held together equate one strand of bulky weight yarn.

You do not knit or purl any differently when using two strands - casting on is the same also. You just hold two strands together. The yarn can twist but you don’t need to worry about untwisting the strands before knitting.

What pattern are you doing that is asking for two strands?