2 stranded hats - 1 is a fo, 1 a wip

My son wanted a “pointy top ear flap hat” we looked on Ravelry and got ideas, but nothing really sparked him. So I pulled out the Vogue color Stitchionary and he picked the tree portion of the “Vermont” chart. I made it work I think

Next, is a project I’m calling the “Jamaica Mistaka” about 8 years ago, while on our honeymoon, dh bought a cotton hat. It got washed :pout: and shrunk a ton. It was the first thing he asked for when I started knitting, was a replacement for that hat. I used the spiral top hat calculator to get me started, and now I’m just doing my best at reading the old hat.

Looks good. I’m interested to see how husband’s hat turns out.

Good work on the pointy tree hat for your son. Your husband’s Jamaican hat was crocheted. But you probably know that. :slight_smile: Replicating it in knitting will not turn out just like that one, but he should like it anyhow. Good luck on it. It looks like you have a good start.

I really like the hat you made for your son, the trees came out great. Your husbands’ hat should look nice also, but wow, are those colors ever bright!

So nice! I am still not brave enough for this type of knitting!

Happy New Year!

Actually, I wasn’t totally sure if his hat was crocheted or some other way of put together - I just knew the inside didn’t look stranded, or knit, but it was the only way I could come close. Good to know it was crochet - too bad I haven’t learned to do that well yet (crocheted YEARS ago as a kid, but never did more than granny squares). Thankfully it’s coming out close enough so far.

Oh, and yeah, the colors are BRIGHT! the hat has faded too, but once it was just as bright.

They both look great! I really love your son’s Vermont hat-great pattern and colors!

Both look great! I’m interested to see the FO for hubby.