2 socks on the ML: toe up? or cuff down?

i’ve figured out how to do socks on the ML. now i’m thinking about figuring out how to do 2 socks at once. just makes sense because i won’t have to go back and finish that dreaded second sock!
i’ve always done cuff down socks, but i figure since i’m teaching myself something new, i might as well open the door to knitting socks toe up if that’s easier with 2.

so, on the magic loop, when you do 2 socks at once, which way do you do it? toe up? or cuff down?
and please explain the benefits of one or another.

I really like toe-up, because you can try the sock on as you go. Plus, you can continue the leg until your yarn runs out, instead of being worried about having enough to finish the foot.

Ditto. I’ve never tried it the other way, though. Toe up just seems so much more logical to me.

What everyone else said! I like to try mine on as i go, that way i can make any minor adjustments that are needed to ensure a snug fit.

I make mine on ML cuff down and still try them on as I go, I have never tried toe up though I’d like to, just not sure how to work the heel. What patterns do y’all use?