2 socks on 2 circs needle length?

Hey everyone - I bought one 40" addi at the LYS to try ML’ing along with the little ML’ing booklet that Fiber Trends puts out. I never even cracked the booklet because I saw a thing on Youtube for 2 socks on 2 circs and knew that was definitely better for me.

so now I have a booklet here and an addi here that I don’t know what I’ll do with

but my ? is this - I was going to order 2 knit picks needles to try them out -in teh size I need -

but - what length do I get. I’ve heard a lot say that they use 16" when they do 2 circs for 2 socks.

will that be long enough to do a man’s 9 1/2 size foot 2 socks on 2 circs. I know it’s the width that matters but he has an average width foot so would follow the typical patterns.

I know that 16" is long enough for a ladies sock 2socks/2circs but will that work for men’s socks or should I go up to a 24"

I only want to order 2 needles until I know if I like the knit pick ones yet.

hoping that all made since - I’m tired!
thanks everyone!

i honestly think you will be pleased with the kp needles. and they are so affordable! the cable is nice and flexible and bendy. the tips are so pointy. the needles are so slick and smooth.

if i were you, i’d get the longest one you can. it’s easier, imo, to deal with extra loop, than to not have quite enough and have it be a tight fit.

i personally think 16 inch is too short for 2 circ knitting. i have done it in a pinch but i think it is uncomfortable. I like 20, 24, and 32 inch for 2 circ knitting. I recently ordered some needles and ordered one each of 24 and 32 so that i would also have a mix of needles for other projects too.

I’m with bren, 2-24" are my fave…but i DETEST knitting 2 socks on 2 circs, throwing yarn here and there! I still knit in tandem, each sock has 2-24" circs and i knit the leg of one, then the other; heel of one, then the other, etc…i did the same thing when I knit socks with dpns. LOL, I have a LOT of sock size dpns and circs, LOL!
Have you seen this 2 socks on 2 circs tutorial, it’s very good.

I definitely say go with the longer ones. I am currently
working on some socks and one of my circs in the required
size was 40 cm and the other was 60 cm and I ended up
just going and buying another 60 cm because the the 40
was doable but just felt tight!
Libbie :slight_smile:

I love using 2 16" circs for knitting socks. I’ve tried 24" ones and didn’t like them because the needle part was too long for my comfort. I’ve used 20" ones, and they are OK, but I like the 16" ones the best. I guess it’s just a matter of personal preference. I find that the shorter needles don’t get in the way as much as the longer ones do.


i love two circs and magic loop! i would go with the 24" circs for two at once, that way you won’t e worrying about accident;y loosing a sock or stitches off the ends… :wink:

I recently bought some knitpicks circs so I could try 2 circ socks (not sure about doing both at the same time, though) and decided to get 16" and 24" in 1, 2, and 3, in addition to the 32" I already had in them. I read that it’s easier to tell the needles apart when you use two different lengths. After reading all your opinions, maybe I’ll try 24" and 32" as well as 16" and 24"…:slight_smile:

By the way, I LOVE my knitpicks. It’s hard to go wrong with them!

I agree with Jess. Doing 2 on 2 is easier for me with 2 different lengths because you can tell them apart. I’m currently doing 2 sleeves on 2 and it’s going nicely.
Be patient with it-- go for it. I like doing 2 on 2 because since I’m not that advanced, I’m assure of getting the stitches looking the same on both articles of knitting.
I’m teaching my 8 yr old grand daughter to knit!!

I use 24" needles. I use KnitPicks, Addis, or Inox needles.