2 socks at once

Been working on my second pair of socks. Have them on separate needles but going back and forth between them. Got brave last night and decided to CO two baby socks on one needle. I have the 2-at-a-time sock book by Melissa Morgan-Oakes. I don’t know if it’s this cold (ugh) or it was too late or what, but I really wasn’t feeling all the different yarns hanging down (tails and working) and twisted cables and such. ML is a bit fiddly (is that a word?) until you get a few rounds done and it gets easier. Just wondering if it’s normal to get frustrated with this technique at first. I’m very comfortable with ML in general … but this 2 at a time thing? I dunno …

The first time you do it the tails and working yarns might bother you. After a while you will sort them out. I have made a pair of socks twice on circular needles. Right now I am working two pair of socks on three circular needles. At first the working yarn got tangled but I have sorted it out and it is coming along fine.

This was the first pair in progress. I used two needles the same size but different color tips. The two pair is one realllly long needle and I happen to have two needles the same size but different color wires. It helps. I used Antje Gillingham’s book " Knitting Circles Around Socks" and it worked fine for me.

You know I haven’t done socks on two circs. The two at a time look like it may be easier to do them on two circs instead of ML. Hmmm…

being an avid sock knitter, I wanted to learn the two at once method. I have a couple books that showed the magic loop method, but I just couldnt cast on and knit that way. In January I made two pairs using the two circ method and it was a breeze. Having gotten use to that I was able finally to knit a pair with ML. I find the easiest way for me is to cast on with dps, knit a few rounds until things start to flow and then transfer both socks to the circs and continue with the pair from there. as you’ve moved into the socks it’s easier to handle the yarn and two balls of yarn. it really is nice having both done at once.


Wanda sweetie. I think its just like anything else when we start learning. Its tricky till it clicks and then it becomes easy. You’ll get it and feel good and it’ll be fabulous, I’m sure.

I’m gonna try the 2 at a time on 2 circs. Our group “sock pro” reassured me this morning I was doing everything right, but I still felt like I spent more time untwisted cords, untangling yarns and moving stitches around than actually knitting. Some of that may be due to only knitting 16 stitches at a time since it’s baby socks. Even so, I pulled them out. Am gonna try the 2 circs method and let you know if I like that any better.

I haven’t tried the 2 socks at one time yet. I’m sure I’ll get brave enough someday. I remember the first time I read about it was in Anna Kerinina and it seemed like work of fiction but then I got that book. Someday :stuck_out_tongue:

I :heart: two at a time socks on magic loop…I do them toe-up and cast on with the closed toe (can’t remember the technical term) so that one tail is inside the toe and the only yarns I have hanging are my working yarns.
Personally, I tried 2 circs and didn’t really like having yarns and needles hanging down and getting tangled…
As with any technique, it takes a little getting used to and figuring out how to make it work for you.

I knitted my first pair of socks on dpns in January. I’ve completed one using 2 circs and now face the daunting task of knitting yet another so I have a pair. I would love learn how to knit two at a time on 2 circs. Any website suggestions for learning how? I prefer the cuff down version. Thanks so much.


Here’s one site

I agree. I use a 32" circ for ML, that way I have nice big loops on each end.

I also have the 2-at-a-time sock book by Melissa Morgan-Oakes. I absolutely LOVE the book [COLOR=red][B]BUT[/B][/COLOR] (u knew that was coming didnt you?LOL) I HATE the cuff down method and I use a 47" circular instead of 40" because I like BIG BIG loops on each end. Right now I am knitting [COLOR=#8c0000]Cabletini Socks[/COLOR] from Wendy Johnson’s website [COLOR=#e88787]http://wendyknits.net/finished-work-…tips/sub-page/[/COLOR] which is a toe up sock. I don’t know if you have made toe up socks before but I find that is is easier than the cuff down sock as i can try them on as I go. I also use the turkish cast on which is the same as the closed toe that Ellieblue mentioned, NO SEWING invloved which I LOVE. I learned how to do the turkish cast on here: [COLOR=#e88787]http://misocrafty.squarespace.com/jo…-tutorial.html[/COLOR]
Dont know if this helps but…Happy knitting

I haven’t done toe up yet but that is on my list for a next pair of socks. I was going to look at the site for the Turkish cast on but the link doesn’t work.

I don’t love knitting 2 socks on one needle. Too much yarn everywhere. I have all the needles in sock sizes multiple times, so I can knit them at the same time but not have tangle issues.

I had tangle issues with the first pair of socks for a while but after I learned to watch what I was doing I have never had tangle issues since. I have my mother’s dp and I use them for hair decorations. I got tired of starting with 5 and loosing them down to 3 or 2. I use circular needles only now!

Thanks for the websites and suggestions. I’ll check them out. Need to graft the toes on this current pair and will start my next ones. At this point not sure how I’m going to do them. One of my S&B friends brought a 2 socks on 2 circs book but I haven’t had time to really look at it yet. DH has been in and out of the hospital Sat - Mon with atrial fibrillation and racing heart rate. He’s never had any issues before so we’re stumped. It’s been a long three days. He now has an appt with a cardiologist on Friday so we can started getting to the bottom of this. I’ll let you all know what I try next. :slight_smile: