2 Socks at once

on double points!!! Yup got it from knitty and I’ve started it. Had to frog one time, but for the most part it’s going well!

Making baby socks so it will be a short project…

Here is how…


I’m using this pattern…

Here are some pics… like I said I really just got started…

Dawn, will you take pictures as you progress? I saw the instructions on how to do that, but quickly shied away.

You’re a better woman than I, good luck with it!

Yes I will. It’s actually going A LOT better than I thought it would. I already have like a rhythm going with it… :happydance: And I’m really enjoying it (but of course I am it’s knitting… duh, shouldn’t have every doubted that)

I was actually thinking of doing that and putting it on my poor “I-never-have-time-to-post-on” blog… Guess I’ll have to find time… but I’ll post it here too…:thumbsup:

And I’m sure you can do it!

:yay: I’ve been wanting to try this…I’d also love to see progress photos…:thumbsup:

That is a neat technique. I’ll be watching your progress with great interest because I just love knitting socks. Any new way (perhaps more efficient?) peaks my interest.


Very cool pictures!! And please keep us posted. I’d love to see them progress.

You are one very brave lady good luck x

thank you for sharing! I’ll be anxiously waiting…I’m sure that 2 socks at once is something I’d dig!

it’s too intimidating for me… I’d probably get frustrated and flush the needles and yarn down the toilet or something.
I saw rmturtle doing this last year and my hands started to sweat just watching her :noway:. this technique never fails to amaze me!!! go MAmaDawn!!! :cheering:

WOW - very courageous of you - I look forward to seeing your progress on this method! I am impressed :notworthy: but seeing you do it may give me the courage to try…

Well I’m really getting a flow down with these. And I have to say that it’s going well… slow, but steady. I have to really watch to make sure that I move the colors out of each others way.

But after starting it I’m really seeing how it works.

I’m going to post some pics here, but don’t want to post too many so I’m putting a bunch on my blog…

The last two you can see that I’m on the heel flap. the pink one is the one that on the inside when I’m knitting so it’s heel flap looks like reverse stocking stitch because it’s the inside of the heel flap when I pull it out of the blue on.

Dawn, went to your blog to take a look, thanks for posting all the pictures. Your a knitter after my own heart, knitting with your feet up and a warm blankie.

I’m just in awe of anyone knitting two socks at once.

I fully thought it was going to be really hard. In fact I was thinking that I may not finish them. But after getting this far I really see that it’s not as hard as I thought it would be.

Oh and I knitting with my feet up is the best! cloud9

:thumbsup: looking good!! Thanks for the pictures :happydance:

I am so excited to see the progress you have made on those socks. I couldn’t quite wrap my mind around it on the Knitty web site, so it is a real treat to see another knitter doing them. Thanks for posting, they are coming along quite well from the pictures.

Way to go Dawn!!! You’re a much better person that I. I don’t think I would even attempt this for another couple of years. Keep up the good work!!

Awesome job, I wanted to try this. Maybe some day :slight_smile:


WOW!! I just went and read all the information about how to do this and it looks doable—maybe. :lol: I have a ways to go to even prepare to try this. I have never done a short row heel on any sock. :oops: I did knit a DK potholder once. :woot: But this looks interesting, and I bookmarked it for later reference—when I need a good challenge.

Definitely keep us apprised of your progress. BTW reading through that tutorial was very entertaining. That gal has a real sense of humor and fun writing style. I need to get back to my knitting…or maybe have some chocolate. :lol:

I hadn’t seen your update. You are doing great. Congratulations on your progress. The end is in sight…or two socks. We’re duly impressed.

That is just the coolest thing!! I want to try this too-thanks so much for posting the link and your progress pics! :muah: