?2 sleeves on 2 circs?

Hi, just joined and wanting to start on my sleeves for a cardi. Can I use 2 circs to do both sleeves like ya do w/ 2 socks?

I suppose you can, but why? :?? What’s wrong with using one circular needle? Some people use 2 circs to knit small diameter items, but a sleeve doesn’t strike me as small diameter (maybe except the bottom, or sleeves for baby items).

I’m confused :oops: :??

The reason for 2 sleeves on 2 circs is there will be no sides to seam up.
One of the ladies at the LYS says it’s a technique she’s want to try.

Using one circular avoids seams to. You’d just work in the round.

:thinking: :?? :thinking:

Well Ekgheiy, You’ve got me thinking–I guess I’m thinking about having to do something different to the underside of the sleeve and the top of the sleeve. And by having them divided on the 2 circs, it would be easier to do. Maybe I’m wrong, though. So, what your saying is do both on 1 circ and use 2 different skeins (or use different ends of the skein)?

[color=red]OOOhhhh[/color]!!! I think I understand your questions now :oops:

You want to make both sleeves [color=blue]at the same time[/color] and avoid seams?? Well duh!! Sorry I can be a dud sometimes :doh: Yes, you can put one sleeve on one circular needle and the other sleeve on a separate circular needle. I’m sorry, for some reason, I thought you meant to use two circs on ONE sleeve. Don’t know where I got that idea from …
:oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

Ekg, yes you’ve got it. I’ve casted on for both sleeves so now I’m gonna see if this can actually be a reality.
will take pics as I progress–I need the pics for my own reference.


Attempting to post pics of 2 sleeves on 2 circs

that’s what I was thinking too!!! I didn’t want to butt in (i feel like a real Dumasky when I don’t understand questions)
anyway, clsimmons, the sleeves look great. I like the yarn colors! :thumbsup: