2 row stripe question!

I am sure this has been posted 50 thousand times or maybe I am just too dumb to figure this out. :oops: This is my first two color garment.

I am knitting a baby sweater with Baby Cashmerino in stockinette that has two row stripes. So, I knit one row, purl the next, switch colors. Certainly I don’t have to cut the yarn and rejoin every two rows. How do I carry it up the side seam or something like that?

Thanks for your help!


If the stripes are just two rows, I wouldn’t do anything special. I’d just start wrap the strands so there’s not a hole, then start knitting again with the next color, making sure not to pull too tightly.

So just twist the two colors before I start the next row with a different color?

Each time you work the new color, bring the new yarn to the front (the old will be behind the strand) and eventually you’ll see them wrapping up the edge. Don’t pull too snuggly so as to shorten the wrapped edge (you don’t want a trapezoid). Leave a tiny bit of slack. The wrapped edge can easily be worked into the seam or hidden within your edge treatment.


Cool! Thanks, there is a rib that you knit on the edge so it should hide well!

Just a quick THANKS even though this thread is a bit old. I had this question today on my first hat, and I was so glad to find the answer without having to start a new post. :wink: This is easily the quickest, friendliest, and most helpful forum I’ve ever visited.

Here is a way you can make one row stripes without cutting the yarn all the time. You have to use a circular needle. I’m working with brown and blue. I made like some ribbing in the brown to get started. When I’m ready, knit a row in the blue, then slide the stitches back to the other end of the needle where the brown yarn was left and knit a row with the brown. Now both colors are at the same end again. Purl a row back with the blue. Then slide the stitches back to the end where the brown is and purl a row of brown. Keep doing this knitting a row with each color and purling a row with each color, two rows of knit then two rows of purl.

This might be a problem when you need to do shapings, but it works well. It could work for a scarf too.