2 questions

  1. do I need to weave in ends securely even if the finished object is going to be felted? or can I just leave the ends free and they become secure after the felting?

  2. when knitting on circular needles and just knitting every round, the pretty side (side with all v) is on the inside of the tube and the ugly side (side with bumps) is on the outside. Is this how it will always be or am I doing something wrong? because, the inside of the tube looks very much prettier than the outside. :frowning:


The most important part of your question, I think is about the circular knitting. The ‘pretty’ part should be on the outside. Take a look at how you are holding your needles. They should be closest to you with the cord and majority of the knitted stitches away from you. Some people prefer to knit on the inside and then turn the whole thing inside out, but I’m not sure that that works in every situation.

As for the ends, I personally would secure them because the item does go through agitation as it felts and it would be a shame if something came loose then.

I would secure the ends because of what Ingrid said, but depending on what you are felting maybe you wouldn’t need to weave them…a small knot gasp might to the trick. It wouldn’t show after felting.