2 questions :(

help me!! i need a needle chart to convert my uk size in to american any one got any ideas where i can find one? oh and im stuck on a pattern whats ssk mean? lol i dont ask for much do i?

You can check out ssk in the glossary section.


You can find out how to convert needle sizes here:



SSK is slip, slip (knitwise) and knit the 2 together. It’s much like slip, knit 1, pass sl st over.

You slip both slips knitwise don’t you. Ok…how do you knit them both if they are slipped on to right needle?

umm now im confused i thought if u slip u dont knit? dose it not mean slip 2 knit one?

Watch Amy’s video on how to do a SSK here

You are slipping 2 stitches from the left needle to the right needle then inserting the left needle and knittng the 2 stitches together.

I had a hard time with ssk too!
amy’s video finally did the trick for me though!