2 ques... driving me crazy

Ok, so I have this white, homespun style yarn, a light bulky weight (if that makes any sense at all) is it totally fruitless for me to try to do anything but a garter with this for a scarf? I tried doing a seed stitch and it looked fine, but I wonder if I’m making the effort for no good reason. Then I attempted a twisted cable that barely showed up at all. I have frogged it completely until I get any further advice.

Second… on the videos it says to alway work the leading edge and that the leading edge should be in the front of the work…but whenever I do any combination of knit and purl I end up with the leading edge sometimes in the front, sometimes in the back. It’s not an issue for me to just switch when working the leading edge, I just wondered if it was normal. And if it isn’t, what in the world could I be doing wrong? :knitting:

You a doing combination knitting, wrapping your purl stitches clockwise instead of counter clockwise. As long as you are aware and knitting into the correct leading edge you are fine.

If your homespun style yarn is thick and thin, then probably a lot of stitch patterns will not show up well with it. Compare the seed stitch swatch with a garter swatch before you make a decision.

THANK YOU SO MUCH… That’s just the answer for which I was searching. Good thing it was a simple fix this time :0)

I’m trying to double knit a scarf and I’m finding that I’m purling clockwise because it’s easier to grab the strand but all my stitches are twisted. (I knit Continental) I tried to purl counterclockwise like I normally do but it’s just awkward. So do I knit TBL on the next row? Or should I just try to purl the normal way? TIA Erin

If it works better for you just purl clockwise and knit the back loop on the other side. Learn to look carefully at the stitches so that you can recognize when the leading edge is in the back and when it is in the front. The leading edge is the one that has the yarn that goes to the right. If the leading edge is in back then knit into the back.