2 Qs re: needles

I want to buy straight single point knitting needles sizes 5mm and 4.5mm (which I think is a 7 and 8 US). I’m wondering what material would be best and what make. They have to have a fine point, be light and 12" long so that I can tuck the left one under my arm. If posible I’d like them to be ones that help knit faster.

My second question is: has anyone here ever knitted with ebony needles? Just wondering if they’re worth the $$$$.

Thank you all.

I personally like Bryspun needles. You can find them on the internet by googling Bryspun. I believe Knitpicks sells them and Elann, but you’d probably want to purchase from someone closer to home. They are very flexible, warm and great points.

I also like Brittany birch needles. They are smoother than ordinary bamboo, good points and I think I knit faster with them. I have some straights and most of my sock dpns are Brittanys. If you break one, they’ll replace it. Nice guarantee.

I’ve never used ebony, but for the price they should knit by themselves. :lol:

Gladys in warm, but rainy Michigan.

I tried to get Brittany’s needles but there are a bit too expensive for me right now so I got these instead. They cost me about $2.50 each pair and they’re probably not as nice to knit with but they’ll do for now. If I’m still as much into knitting in a year or two’s time I’ll buy some better quality ones.


wow those are long…

I just bought my first pair of Brittany birch needles and I really like them!

Hi Cristy,

These needles are 35 cm long and I have to have them about that length so that I can tuck the left one under my arm. They are slightly heavier than wood or plastic but they are the only make that does sizes 7 and 8. All the 5 or so yarn shops in my town sell this make ALONE. May be they have the most call for.

Anyway, before my next visit to the States I might order a pair of Brittany’s or may be even a whole set! If finance allow.