2 Qs - blocking & dish towels

I was reading some thing that said if a sweater was too big you could make it smaller by blocking.
Is it true???
Do you think it would work with cash iroha?

how do you even do that?

What is your favorite yarn for dishtowels/counter wipers?

My mother gave me some cotton ones but they just push the water around. Is there any yarn that works more like paper towels?

You can make a sweater smaller by blocking, but dont’ expect miracles. You can only go down about a half size to 1 full size, maybe more if you’re lucky.

And I use Lily’s Sugar n Cream for dishcloths. They become more absorbent after they’re washed once or twice… getting better with each launder.

would I just wash it and try to bunch it up while it was drying?

I’ve heard this but been told it’s not true. What makes sense to me is that if you make something thoroughly wet, and then let it dry, it might sometimes shrink while drying to a final size smaller than how it started, but it might not hold for everything, and I would certainly swatch first. That’s why I think it’s generally better to knit to gauge or a touch smaller rather than bigger.

You can certainly make many sweater shrink via a hot wash - the trouble is that you shrink in both directions and often you want the length to remain the same. However, the yarn you’ve used has various elements including nylon so I’m not sure how well either washing or even blocking will do and you need to be careful with the silk element in it which can wrinkle. I believe this yarn is supposed to be dry cleaned so I guess that’s suggesting that washing could distort it. Have you enough to make a swatch and trial it in a quick warm to hot hand wash - where you would carefully hold the length but immerse the bust area etc. And then another swatch blocked?

If you block you simply squish (so to speak) the item into the size you want. Squeeze fibres/sections (or press between face cloths) gently with your hands and ensure the length is there but the item is not spread out as such. I’m not sure you will get a lot of satisfaction but you can only try.