2 prayer shawls

Very simple garter stitch pattern done in Lion Brand Homespun

Aren’t those the best kind? Great job!

They look beautiful. How did you find the Homespun to work with? I have not used it but so many say it is terrible to knit with. It comes in so many beautiful colorways that I am often tempted.

Those are lovely…I am in the middle of one myself a different pattern but using the Homespun in Heather…I have had no trouble knitting with this yarn in fact I have quiet enjoyed it…Well done X

Thank you - the picture doesn’t show the garter stripes that break it up a little. My 3rd one will be the standard k3p3 and I am going to do it longways in stripes with some random skeins of homespun.

Sue in Canada - I personally don’t mind the homespun. The only time I have trouble with it is if I forget to count rows and have to frog a section - it kind of sticks to itself them.

Thanks. It looks so cosy for a scarf or shawl. I think I will give it a try.