2 New Gray and Brown Cardigans

Hi all knitters and crocheters :slight_smile:

After a long busy time I had finally some free time to create these two cardigans:

Gray cardigan made with knit, 50% yarn and 50% llama:

Brown cardigan made with knit, 50% yarn and 50% llama:

How lovely and well done. Excellent. Beautiful.
What’s the first 50%?

50% yarn and 50% llama:

ETA: Maybe I’m just not understanding. Was the 50% llama not part of the yarn?

Both are very pretty, but my favorite was the brown one, I loved the cables on the collar. Are they two different patterns?

They are both beautiful and look like they will be warm and cozy.

I liked the brown one the best too. I like the cable work. :thumbsup:

I think she means 50% wool and 50% llama.

Well, WOW is my first thing! These two jackets are really nice!


Sorry for my english, I meant “wool” :slight_smile:


Are they two different patterns?

Yes, I used the same pattern, but one has a hood and the other has a high neck.

Thanks to everyone for the feedbacks :slight_smile:

Your English is fine. Thanks for the clarification.
I enjoyed seeing your lovely creations. :notworthy: I hope to attain your skill level.

Very nice!

These are lovely. Will you be selling them? If so, they should go like hotcakes!

Beautiful work! The cables are very pretty.