2 needle sock pattern

I have never done a sock before and I am stuck. This is what I have done so far.

cast on 48 stitches
sock cuff
row 1-16 k1,p1 acoss
then it say and this is the part i am stuck on
heel foot part
I did
row 1 k1, p1 repeat 11 times, knit 24
that leaves me with 12 stitches still on the needle now what

row 2 says p24, k1,p1 repeat 11 times
repeat rows 1 and 2 untill your sock is 2 " less than desired sock length . on final row place a marker between stitches 24 and 25.

Any help is welcomed and advice thanks so much

I think it should be:
row 1 (k1, p1) repeat 11 times m[U]ore[/U], knit 24
That should use all 48 of your sts.
row 2 says p24, (k1,p1) repeat 11 times [U]more[/U]
Does that look like the picture of the finished sock?

Thanks I will give it a try and see what happends

Here’s a pattern using the same number of cast on stitches. This one has you do a rib on 48 stitches. Bind off 12, knit 24, bind off 12. You then knit the top of the sock, shape the toe, knit the sole of the sock, do the heel turn, then stitch it all up. I just finished one of these socks. Need to finish the other one. I was surprised at how well they fit and I don’t even feel the seams.

What confused me with this pattern was where it said to knit the length of the sock for 6-7 inches. It doesn’t really address what the foot measurements are or your shoe size. I have shorter feet than what the pattern called for. I would say to knit the length of the sock until you reach the ball of your foot (right before the toes) then start the toe shaping.