2 more stitch samples finished

I’m really enjoying this. Learning new knitting patterns, and seeing if I want to put up with the complexity of the pattern, enough to make
a large garment.

First, the feather n fan:

easy, and the fun thing, is, it draws itself up. It reminds me of a kitchen curtain. :cool:

Next, I finished this today, and did it fast, too. A lot of yarn overs, but, I’m loving :heart: the pattern. I bet this would be nice as a shawl. What do you think?

ANOTHER VIEW, different lighting:

pretty! :cheering:

Those are pretty!

Those look very nice!

I know the feather and fan… but what is the second pattern?? I really like it!!! Great job

Ooooh lace, purty.

Those are gorgeous…thanks so much for sharing! :muah:

I love both of them and think either one would look great as a shawl!

They look lovely . The feather and fan is so beautiful and the colour is just amazing:)

:happydance: Very pretty!!

The feather and fan is beautiful, but I really like the second one. It would make a lovely shawl or scarf.

My son’s eyes were that shade of blue until he was about seven. You could see him coming from [I]blocks[/I] away.