2 malabrigo questions - color and pilling


anyone make anything out of their lime blue colorway? I’m curious how the colors splash. I’m sure I would do the changing hanks every 2 rows, but outside of that… I’d love to see a swatch or something.

second thing, I have only been using malabrigo a short time and nothing really wearable that needs lots of washing, so i haven’t experienced much pilling, but i read a comment somewhere that said it’s pretty bad in that department… so bad a sweater is a bad idea? that’s the million dollar question.

thanks! hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

Well I am not sure how helpful this will be as I don’t know what pattern they use to dye the lime blue but here is how the Curacao knitted up.

I haven’t had any issues really with pilling but i haven’t knitted anything to be worn but for those. and those haven’t been worn enough yet to pill :teehee:

that actually does give me a good idea, thank you! did you do the alternating hanks for that one? those are precious!!!

nope that is one hank. thanks for saying they are cute :smiley:

gotcha, thanks, and you’re welcome :slight_smile: I LOVE the drawstring too.

:teehee: Have I ever mentioned how much I HATE I cord? :wall: :wink:

I have been told they look cute on too but I am waiting for pictures…I actually expect they will be in my inbox tomorrow…lol

i can tolerate it for about 2 inches myself. i hope you’ll be posting modeled pics!