2 "Lickity-Split" baby shower sets

The pattern for these is from “Speed Knitting” by Kris Percival. The book has projects that use bulky yarns and large needles and they go fast.

I love this little set. I was able to use some of the stash to make these. I know of lots of baby girls being born this year, so I am confident they will find a home.

I figured out how to add the photo in the post below. Sorry for the confusion. I tried to edit and add it, but it just was not working for me so it is in a separate post.

I can’t get the picture to come up.

I’m very new here. I thought I had it figured out and I will try again. thanks.

Those look great! :thumbsup:

Those are adorable! What a cute hat, too!

Those are just precious!


Very cute. Love the idea of speed knitting.

I can’t see a photo ~ is it just me?


I think the hat/bootie set is just gorgeous. I immediately ordered the book online.

i love the little booties, those are so cute

I can’t see it either

Those are so sweet!! :cheering: Great job! I especially love the set with the pink :slight_smile:

They are gorgeous.

Sandy in N.Z.

those are very cute, good job!

So sweet!