2 knits into dyo?

My pattern seems to ask me to kkp into a dyo. Is this possible? Everything I’ve read is k1o1. I’m doing a simple shawl. Closer to you from ravelry and the problems arise with rows 13. And 14.

Maybe this pattern?

On row 13 the double yarn over (dyo) is followed by a k2tog. This is repeated up to the marker. On row 14 the sts after the marker are a repeat of k2p1. The first k stitch would go into the knit stitch formed from the k2tog of the previous row. The next knit stitch and purl stitch would go into the dyo from the previous row.

Thank you. I was beginning to think that may be the case. I must be doing something wrong as I seem to be knitting into dyo rather than a k2together. I wonder if I made a mistake n the cast off.

When you cast off 8sts on row 13 you’ll have one stitch left on the right needle. That’s fine. Proceed on to the (dyo, k2tog) x 8. This should bring you to the marker,leaving a k2tog right before the marker.
When you slip the marker on row 14 the next stitch will be the knit into the k2tog from the row below.