2 items: Scarf and Afghan

I wanted to post two items I’ve finished, one is a scarf for my step sister, who is 8. The other was actually my 2nd ever project, I finished it last year but I never took the time to upload the pictures. I wanted to post the scarf, because the M on it was my first ever attempt at intarsia.

BTW the stars on the afghan were the worst part of it. It took me weeks and weeks to make all 50 of them, then I had to attach them all. But I’m really happy at how it turned out. I got the pattern from Lion Brand’s website. It’s a free pattern. The stars I found on-line, I don’t remeber where, but they are knit using double decrease. I’m working on one for my dad right now and have two people who are going to pay me to make them each one. Hopefully I don’t get sick of the pattern first.:cheering:

The scarf is lovely, i loved the pocket and the afghan looks like a lot of work :passedout:.

What a cute scarf! Love the pocket with the big M – she’s going to love it. And the afghan is amazing!

I love the afghan!! Great job… the scarf is really pretty…:thumbsup:


:thumbsup: Very, very nice! I love the colours on the scarf… my 6 y/o daughter would think they are cloud9

They look great!

Both items are AMAZING! WTG!!!:yay: