2 halves ok?

Im designing a scarf…(like the world needs another scarf???)

The ends are lace and for the life of me I cant reverse them due to the varied stitch counts, so the scarf can be knit all in one piece…(this sucks but im stuck on this particular lace edging.)

My question is……

Is it a big deal if I design this scarf, knit 2 halves and graft them in the middle? That way, both halves would be exactly the same.
But, is there much interest among knitters, in knitting 2 halves of a scarf and grafting?

Or…should i work harder at getting this thing to be knit all in one piece?

Many patterns are written this way because the st patterns are directional, so it’s not unusual.

Right. I also did it on a scarf recently because I wanted both ends bound off, rather than cast on and bound off, so they’d match perfectly.

Perfectly fine :o) In fact, in my design class with Jared Flood, he talked about doing exactly that so the lace is symmetrical on both ends.

I have just the same thing with a really simple scarf that starts and ends in bamboo stitch. I didn’t think it would become a problem, but the yarn shows a LOT of the different direction. So i will leave my stitches on a holder, make the second part and do kitchener stitch in between. The ends will be a lot better that way.

Just do it.